What advertisers want to know before start working with Clickadu

Dear partners,

Everyday we’re receiving a lot of questions from our (would-be) partners and have decided to select the most frequent and consider them in detail.
If you’re a publisher please read this article, this time we’d like to discuss controversial issues for advertisers.

What’s the minimum price for traffic? How much do 1000 users in GEO cost?

First, we define that the concept of 1000 users can be defined as 1000 impressions or 1000 actions. If you need the views, then look at the CPM rate impressions, otherwise – CPA ones.
You can always find out the minimum bids in the “Traffic Inventory”.
At the same time, the price depends on your targeting, by this, we mean “device”“connection type”“operating system” or “carrier”. So, for particular information, you are welcome to ask the support team: support@clickadu.com.

Do you provide CPA price model?

Clickadu provides several models available in the Self-Serve Platform. Advertisers may use CPM, smartCPM or smartCPA, you choose one that suits your preferences.
Read more about SmartCPA and SmartCPM price models. Former is a traditional СPA with an optimization algorithm, which logically allows you to pay only for conversions. If you are closer to the CPA model, try to test our Smart variant.

Is there any opportunity to work on postpay or net (17/7/…)?

Guys, we work only on prepay. It is connected with paying for the traffic to our publishers, and not because we are bad 🙂
The minimum deposit is $100, the replenishment can be done in any way convenient for you: Credit Card, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney and the Wire transfer.

What is “creative” for each of the advertising formats?

Firstly, let us introduce all available advertising formats: Pre-roll or Video, Popunder, SKIM, Push-up, and Push Notification.

Using Pre-roll using format implies video as a creative. If this variant is hard to the reproduction, you can create something like a slide-show, putting music on photos.

Popunder requires the link, which redirects a user to an advertising (promotional) landing page, which is the “creative”.
For SKIM is also needed a link and an advertising (promotional) landing page.

Push-up format is a small dialogue window, which looks like a native chat, where you write “Title” of 10 symbols and “Description” length of 30 symbols. You may drive traffic right to the advertising page or create an optional landing page.

Push Notification is a web-push notification, which contains a visual small icon and big banner and tactical parts – title (of 30 symbols) and description (of 40 symbols). Push Notification’s creative consists of “Title”“Description” and a “Photo/Picture”. Picture settings are 360×240 px or 720×480 px for HD displays.

What is “Include slow connection zones”?

The zones convert fairly well but ad opening speed is much lower than on others. Sometimes due to the speed, advertising remains unseen by the user.

Is it worth using this option?
Using “slow connection zones” give additional traffic. We advise you to try both campaigns with the same settings, and in one apply this option. Thus, you will test whether such a performance variant is suitable.

What are the working hours of the moderation team?

Moderation team works 24/7, however, the process lasts less than an hour on weekdays from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. and about 4 hours after 7 p.m. and on weekend.

Attention! Your campaign goes to re-moderation once you change basic targeting options, for example, GEO or Target URL.

Is it possible to promote my Youtube channel?

The answer is no. If you want to get more subscribers or just to promote the channel as a product, we offer to do this through Google ads.

You can promote it on any of our ad formats, however, on Video, there is an aspect: you must not use your Youtube video as the pre-roll but it may be used as the target page.

Сan I test traffic on $10?

Unfortunately, the minimum deposit for top-up is $ 100 by any method. We would like to note that the amount of traffic that would be received from $ 10, not informative enough to make a decision about its quality.

If I top up my account and the traffic doesn’t convert, can I receive a refund?

Of course, you can. With the first deposit, you can withdraw any balance on the account. More detailed terms of our refund policy.

How to get a personal manager?

With long-term cooperation and daily expenses at $150, you will be assigned a personal manager.

Do not forget that you can find the answer by reading the FAQ or ask our support team.

Author: Dan

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