SmartCPA is back and wired!

We remember that you’ve been missing: A glossy wired SmartCPA in the Self-Serve Platform. Well, we glad to announce that we have it for you. It’s back and wired for you to use.

Are you not familiar with SmartCPA? Just click here

What’s new?

  • No math, creating campaign is easy as any others.
  • More accurate traffic matching system with an optimization algorithm.
  • Test budget at an affordable price. One test, one campaign just for $10.
  • Now available for all advertising formats.
  • More testing and targeting options than ever.

Sign up at our self-serve platform, choose SmartCPA while creating a campaign and pay smart only for conversions.

Are you not familiar with SmartCPA?

We’re happy to explain you the basics.

SmartCPA is a basic CPA with automatic optimization algorithm based on a Self-Serve Platform allows you to pay only for conversions. It automatically matches your CPA offers to 100% targeted users, helping you reach a more relevant audience.

How does it work?

  • To start just create a new campaign on SmartCPA pricing model.
  • First, you need a postback for your target URL to help the system track your conversions.
  • Campaign creation is simple platform interaction, just set the targetings, conversion cost, and a test budget. For more accurate test one GEO per campaign is allowed.
  • Pay attention to the zone limitation, choose how much traffic you are willing to test per one zone.
  • A simple test to match suitable traffic sources for your campaign needs.
  • A test campaign with a good ROI will be marked as ‘successful’ and will keep running on a CPA basis.

Ready to optimize your expenses? Leave the application to get SmartCPA.

Author: Dan

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