What publishers want to know before start working with Clickadu

June 03, 2019

Dear partners,

We did some digging into the support requests and selected a bunch of frequently asked questions to occur from our (would-be) partners.
How does it work?
Wouldn't I be scammed? What is CPM, and why does everyone say it is low? Etc, etc.

How does it work, and what are Advertising Networks for?

So, you have a website and already have grown some traffic on it, and you’re awaiting that it will bring you some revenue for your consumed time.
Fair exchange. From here, you can follow two different paths - paid subscriptions with exclusive content or place ads on your website.
To place ads on your website, you need to find an advertiser interested in your website traffic, and the whole process has a lot of variables:

  1. It's hard to find and seal the deal with an advertiser all by yourself.
  2. The cooperation requires comprehensive statistics regarding your traffic and further ad interactions.
  3. Most companies save time from interacting with website owners head-on and delegate this to affiliate programs or advertising networks.

And that's why:

  • Advertising Networks have their own platform that can provide reports both for advertisers and publishers.
  • Networks have their own system of penalties and conditions that can ease collaboration.
  • Webmasters won’t receive cash for bot traffic, and advertisers will be banned for bad ads.
  • The platform helps to control your monetization and advertising process.
  • Advertisers will provide their own ad content, so website owners don’t have to bother with creatives.
  • The payment system is mostly prepaid, so webmasters will gain their earnings in either case (if you’re not cheating, of course).

Any special website requirements before applying it?

It’s better to have at least 5K traffic daily to monetize it, and the traffic sources should be determined: search traffic should prevail.
The simple thing: try to search your website in Similarweb to make sure your traffic is stated and determined.

I have added a website, why isn't it approved yet?

You need to add a meta verification tag to your website to get it approved.

Why should I prove the ownership?

You need to approve website ownership due to security reasons: we should be aware that you’ll drive traffic from the website you have mentioned.

Why was my website rejected?

Apparently, your website doesn’t comply with the conditions stated above or doesn’t follow publishers’ guidelines.

What do I pay for?

Our network works on a CPM basis - Cost Per Thousand Impressions (Cost Per Mile), every thousand unique impressions counts.

What does CPM depend on?

Everything’s by the book: CPM depends on the GEO and Platform and primarily depends on the traffic demand. The more advertisers will be ready to pay for your traffic - the higher CPM you’ll get. So, make sure you’re providing quality one to get the highest demand.
Also, CPM varies from one advertising format to another. Try all of them to find out what’s best for you.

I have reached the minimum payout. When will I be paid?

Clickadu will pay Publisher’s revenue on a weekly, twice a month, or monthly basis by agreement of the parties.


  • Net 7 (Paid Weekly on Tuesdays, when the minimum payment amount is reached)

Twice a month

  • Net 7 (on the 7th and 22nd day of the month or the next business day, if the payout day falls on Holidays or Weekends)

Note #1: Please be patient. It takes a while for your payment to be formed and processed.

Note #2: The default payout schedule is Net30. Please, contact your personal manager to switch your payout schedule.

The payments are fully automatic, once you have passed profile validation checks and chosen your payout schedule. These payments are made according to the Terms&Conditions agreement.

Note #3: We can pay your available funds only. To find out the amount of your available payout, please go to the 'Payments' tab in the publisher's dashboard.

Note #4: If you need to change the payment method, please make sure to notify us at least 24 hours before the payment date.

The more answers you’ll receive at our FAQ .

Clickadu Team