Premium Ad Network

Digital advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise, unique capabilities, and experience in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers.
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Daily Impressions
Daily Conversions
Active Campaigns
  • Fully managed and self-service with campaign optimization
  • Advanced targetings: geo, site, device type and more
  • Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering
Active Publishers
  • High eCPMs on 240+ countries
  • Minimum payment hold
  • Detailed statistics for your site
  • 100% fill rate
Maximize your revenue!
Tons of quality traffic

Over 250 million impressions daily
Premium sites to choose from
Great conversion ratios

Free premium service

Dedicated account managers
Multilingual customer service
24/7 support team

Top-notch technology

Convenient self-service platform
Easy setup and launch
CPM and ROI optimization

Payments made easy

Multiple payment methods
On-time payments twice a month

Detailed statistics

Convenient self-service platform and real-time stats

Optimal targetings

Geo, frequency capping, OS, device, zone, carrier, IP etc

Optimization on-the-fly

The team of experts will help you to unleash the full potential of your ads

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Clickadu will get you the quality traffic to meet your needs.
Bruno Gold. Senior Account Manager. Marmarmedia
I have been working for a long time with Clickadu and we are really happy with the commitment of their managers with our collaboration and excellent support they gave always to us
Jaime Bejarano. Account Manager. Mobusi.
Clickadu is a trustworhty partner that deliveres high traffic quality and an excellent customer service through its qualified Staff.
Achraf Sendid. Senior Account Manager. Ad4Games.
We appreciate our partnership with Clickadu and looking forward to even better results.
Belinda Li. Account Manager. Alibaba International Business Department
I'm happy working with Clickadu and its manager Alex, he works efficently and target oriented.
Fred Lu - Team Leader of Ad network Partner (Yeahmobi)
Clickadu has provided quality traffic with great support. Awesome guys to work with
Kashief Heron - Affiliate Manager. Plush Media JM
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