Spend less with SmartCPM pricing formula

Dear partners,

All known pricing model is now available for you in Self-Serve Platform.
Spend less with SmartCPM pricing formula. SmartCPM is a usual pricing CPM model which allows you to bid at the best price possible.

How it goes?

Choosing SmartCPM price model you set the maximum price you are willing to pay. Still, you will pay less than a selected rate.
An algorithm sets different bids for each ad zone according to overall demand, but none of them can exceed the ceiling price of your campaign.
Then it adjusted automatically and optimizes your CPMs according to an average one that is running in that target at the moment.
That way, you pay less for the traffic needed.

What is the fundamental difference from the CPM model?

Optimization! When you promote a campaign with CPM bids, you pay the same price for all zones. SmartCPM determines independently a required level of the bid and all with your price threshold!


Just start advertising and the algorithm will do the rest for you, giving you a chance to save the budget.


Author: Dan

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