Fresh SSP Platform updates

Dear partners,

How is it lately? Let’s hang around with some fresh December-January updates to discover what’s new at Clickadu.

Updates for advertisers | Updates for publishers


Updates for advertisers


State & City targeting options

We have already shared this significant update with you. In short, advertisers are now able to engage users in a precise location.

Learn more about this update by the link >>>


User Identification feature

The traffic quality is a big deal, so this option allows you to make it more trusty for our advertisers. Choose between ‘Cookie’ (default), IP, Device frequency to get the best possible traffic uniqueness.

BTW, the device-based frequency will work by default with devices or browsers that do not support cookies.

Learn more about this update by the link >>>

Full countries naming in the Traffic Inventory

Admit it, the country’s letter code sometimes can be quite confusing. In order to solve this issue, we have decided to add full country names so you won’t get mixed up.


Ad format / Pricing model filters

Another UX updated for you. A new filter allows you to list campaigns by ad formats or pricing models you need.


Automatic Unsuspend

Got busted for policy violations with an account suspension? Now the process is fully automatic, besides you will receive an email with the unsuspend date. How does that sound?

But, take care not to infringe the Clickadu advertising guidelines.


CPC rate limitations

That’s something that should help you not to overspend your advertising budget by accident. The max CPC bid is now $0.5, quite enough to be competitive and high enough to get all the clicks possible.


Statistics Recount Message

At incidents or updates, it may take some time to recount and balance the statistics. We have implemented the modal window you won’t miss for sure.

See this message? You’d better take your time to manage your campaigns until it will be solved.



Those who do nothing ever make mistakes. Here’s the list of recent SSP fixes:

  • Now multiple Draft / Start clicks won’t spam you unnecessary campaigns.
  • Dashboard won’t lag in case you have a great number of campaigns.
  • Now the table sorting works as it should be.
  • Minor UX fixes.

Eager to try these new updates? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform for advertisers:

Updates for publishers


News section

We have a modest set of Publishers’ Dashboard updates this time. However, we’re expecting more of them during 2021 so SSP for Publishers includes the News section to keep you informed.

Stay tuned for more updates.


API Code refactoring

Working with Publishers’ API? I think you’ll like it. We refactored the API code to accelerate the performance of the request.

Eager to try these new updates? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform for publishers:

Author: Andrew

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