User Identification Feature

Dear partners,

In the time of mass development of technologies almost every user runs several devices from mobile phones to portative computers. Such a course makes a big deal for advertisers to engage every possible unique user.

What Clickadu can offer to deal with this issue? We’d like to represent a new ground in precise ad targeting – “User identification feature”. UIF allows advertisers to choose between Cookie / IP / Device frequency while creating a campaign (which one works best for you or which you rely the most).


How does it help?

The suitably configured identification type allows you to get more unique users and save your advertising budget. Each type has its own pros and cons and depends on the desired traffic geolocation, platform and the connection type. Read more about identification types here (but don’t forget to try this feature out).


Where to find it?

The feature is already available for you in the new campaign creation form (Pricing section).



Eager to try this feature out to engage more users? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform.

Author: Dan

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