Best affiliate marketing media sources.

May 21, 2020

Dear partners,

The media space is the most significant as we all like to read these reviews, successful cases, tips, and tricks.
Authors of articles spend a lot of time to inspect and review the discussed subject. But who inspects the inspectors?

We have taken it upon ourselves to form a list of really great media under the affiliate marketing theme.

This isn't a TOP-rating, so the sources below aren't lined up.

Mobidea Academy

You must admit, the first thing that pops into our minds when we're talking of Affiliate Marketing media sources is the Mobidea Academy.
Academy counts dozens of useful materials for digital marketing PROs and newbies. Lots of active readers participate in community development so the information flow doesn't stand to idle and there is always something to learn.

The reviews are honest so you won't receive a tip of praise if you don’t deserve it.

Highly recommended by the Clickadu team.
Take me to Mobidea Academy


AffiliateValley is a probie on the market, however, they did manage to win over the affiliate marketing audience.
The latest digital world news, case studies, newbie guides, TOP CPA network listings, that's all can be found right there.

News are covering the real burning issues and IMHO, apart from the content, the design is very pleasing to the eye. Yeah, I like this black and yellow stuff that makes me feel the place is a real luxury.

The community grows by 10K in a month, still, we'd like to help it to increase.
Let’s grow AffiliateValley together.


That's the coolest forum\listing\article in one place. Why is that? The media-source owner, Luke Kling tests all the networks and offers bundles by himself and comes up with the results.
Looking for fair and helpful articles and reviews at the same time? Then the Afflift is your choice.

Moreover, Luke has managed to gather a warm and untainted community that is ready for open experience exchange.
Become one of the Afflifters right here.


No matter Clickadu didn't manage to become a fully-fledged STM community member, STM remains one of our favorites.
A massive supply of digital experiences from STM editors and members is going to blow you away for sure.

The whole website is based on the forum engine, however, all the basic sections are marked and ready for you to click them.
By the way, some special traffic slices sales can be found on STM.
Still need to know more before trying it out? Learn more in STM Review.

Our verdict: Highly recommended.
Visit the STM right by the link.

Haven't you found a media source of your choice? Don't worry, we'll add more cool sources to Vol 2.
Happy reading.

Clickadu Team