SSP Platform August Updates

Dear partners,

Long time no hear about Clickadu self-serve Platform updates. What were we doing?


New Tax Responsibilities

In case you have missed the biggest update, Clickadu is now a VAT holder so we have released a few updates regarding this occasion both for Advertisers and Publishers. What does it mean for you? Not much if you aren’t an EU resident or company. But tells that we have quite serious intentions for this biz.

If you’re an EU resident you know what it is. Still, you can read more here.


Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers

Create your campaign step-by-step

A new campaign creation form allows you not to get distracted by extra elements and options and do it in a few major steps. That’s supposed to make the campaign creation process easy and convenient. Besides, it’s adopted to mobile devices so you can do it anywhere you like.


Updated feed\vertical options

Speaking about the new campaign creation form, we should mention a few more updates. Wish to get more relevant traffic? Choose the feed type (Adult/Mainstream/All) and back it up with a vertical selector. The performance is inevitable.



New tracking tokens

In order to track more details on your Push Notification campaigns, we have implemented a few tracking tokens that might help you.

The ‘cohort’ token will pass the information regarding the ‘user activity’.

The ‘pn_type’ token will indicate the push type: Inpage Push or Native Push.
Both tokens are available below the target URL input. Just click them to apply.


Up-to-date OS targetings

Are you after up-to-date OS users? Now you’re able to target the iPad \ iOS 14 version via operational system targetings.


SSP Usability upgrades.

We do take into account some usability issues that have resulted from our updates. If there is something we can improve – just let us know.

Eager to try these new updates? They are already available for you in the Advertisers’ Self-Serve Platform.

Self-Serve Platform for Publishers

API updates

Good news for API users. Now you’re able to add a ‘timezone’ query. That’s not all. Now your groupBy query has an ‘hour’ attribute. And it’s all peppered with a cool new API guide.

More convenient filters

We have updated the filters tooltips and searching. Add the desired filter to choose it.

Eager to try these new updates? They are already available for you in the Publishers’ Self-Serve Platform.

Author: Andrew

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