Clickadu is a VAT holder!

July 14, 2020

Dear partners,

Since July 2020 Clickadu will serve as a VAT holder.

Our VAT number: CZ04066260

Please check your personal information carefully (Residence Country, VAT number, Account type) in order to comply with general TAX requirements.

What does it mean for Publishers:

If you have a company account into Publishers' dashboard and your company is registered in the European Union you can take it into account when issuing the invoice.

To check your account type go to the profile section. Please contact your manager to switch the account type.

It doesn't involve: individual accounts and other economic consolidations.

What does it mean for Advertisers:

Please note that 21% TAX will be applied for:

  • European Union residents with no valid VAT number applied (this includes Individual accounts).
  • Czech Republic residents are both Company and Individuals.

It doesn't involve: other economic consolidations.

Member-countries of the European Union:

Austria Denmark Croatia France Hungary
Italy Poland Luxembourg Slovakia Sweden
Belgium Estonia Cyprus Germany Ireland
Latvia Portugal Malta Slovenia
Bulgaria Finland Czechia Greece
Lithuania Romania Netherlands Spain

Clickadu Team