Have you ever tried popunder ads?

Whether you’re an experienced webmaster or a newbie, it always takes effort to decide which ad format to monetize your website. So let’s start with the basics and explain what you can expect from one of the most popular and familiar ad formats – the one and only Popunder.

Check the cards above to understand Pops and earn extra.

In summary:

What are Popunder Ads?

  • Popunder ads appear below the user’s active tab in a new browser window.
  • They can take the form of static, video, or animated content.
  • Designed to combat banner blindness by presenting ads in a noticeable way.

Why Popunder Ads can be Beneficial:

  • Hard to miss: Popunder ads are hard to ignore, ensuring user attention.
  • Transparent payments: Publishers are paid based on user visits and conversions to customers.
  • Easy integration: Popunders are simple to integrate into websites.
  • 100% fill rates: High demand ensures a constant flow of offers from paying advertisers.

Why You Should Try Popunder Ads:

  • Optimization and better user experience: Different setup options are available to improve user experience.
  • Traffic restrictions: Measures are in place to prevent abuse and overload of users.
  • Additional monetization: Popunder ads offer stable CPMs and clean ads, making them a valuable monetization source.

Author: Dan

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