YNOT Summit feedback.

August 11, 2020

Dear partners,

Have you noticed that 'online conferences' are really comfortable things? You might be tired of them, but admit it was quite… Domestic. You can wear anything, don't go anywhere, and make the best deals right on your couch.

We've visited a bunch of them but this time we'd like to point out the YNOT Summit and share feedback:

"For the record, YNOT Summit was the best one with regard to the overall vibes, contingent, and attendees self-organization.

Our participation opportunities were represented as a booth and a one-session speaker.

The conference is definitely worth it! Too bad that the rush begins in 2-3 night time and you're way too tired after the working day. And too bad that there was a low level of interest in middle Europe and CIS users as they could create some tense during the day."

George, BD, and relationships manager.

Clickadu Team