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Dudes, it is not that great when you push people hard with ads. Try to find some balance in your life, work, and, eventually, in a number of ads on your website. Too high of a frequency affects your users negatively tbh.

Easy example: you want to enjoy a movie on Saturday evening but you need to close lots of advertising windows, like 6 or more. You are distracted and your mood is kinda going south after that. Maybe you will never visit this site anymore.
Do some experiments with the ads, and remember to use not more than 4 pops per user. Don’t bother your audience too much.
Eventually, this strategy works with every other ad format – SKIM, PopUnder, Push Notifications, Inpage Push, Instant Text Message, Video Pre Roll, and Banner.


Ding-dong, the same mistake is approaching.
Do you want to earn more by placing more ads? Wrong! It will completely kill your audience’s attention.

Banner blindness is a thing in web usability where website visitors consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information. And that is going to happen to any publisher’s users sooner or later if you load them too much.

Visitors will close your landing page, neglect your ads, and start to hate your website. The CR is really low, the banner’s CTR is garbage, and too much request weight is used without an actual trigger. This is what’s going to happen.

Advertisers will see this kind of traffic as non-active and low quality. So we recommend you use only one pop-up format and a maximum of three display formats. Choose from Banners, InPage, Video Pre Roll, Push Notifications, Native, and ITM.


Seriously, you need to stop overweighting your page with advertisements. If you use several advertising networks on your website, especially with the same ad formats, they can interfere with each other.

Publishers can use multiple ad networks and wait for one of them to burst. But the better decision will be to stick with only one of them and set it up correctly. We make this claim as we are very good at setting things up, you know 🙂

Moreover, if you mix ad formats it can become a headache for your analytics. For instance, you drive pops from Network 1, and banners from Network 2. If you use them both at the same time – some banner clicks can move to a popup. In this case – nothing good can happen.

End-users will be disappointed as the third-party landing page is opening, Network 2 will be very upset about missed clicks, and Network 1 will be devastated by a huge bounce rate and a closed landing page right after its uploading.

Start traffic monetization wisely. If you use multiple ad formats from one certain ad network, like Banners + Popunder or Video Pre Roll + Instant Text Message, these issues won’t bother anyone, and everything is going to be just perfect.


You see, this all is not entirely about money. But money is good, right?
If you set up your campaigns successfully and perform an intelligent approach to your advertisement, you can get the most out of it.

For instance, you can set things up so Network 2 pops open just as the 5th click is made. Just like this, we solved all the issues we had. 1 Network gains a number of clicks, the user is not overwhelmed with ads at all, and Network 2 also gets some clicks from a happy, not tired user which will likely perform a conversion for them.

We at Clickadu have wide options for setting up any ad format for publishers: ad trigger frequency, caps for elements and clicks, ad appearance gap, number of banners and their placement, and so on. Actually, it is the topic for another article to compose. But if you want to learn more now – don’t hesitate to contact your personal manager for support.


If your manager asks for something – it is certainly for your own good and more profit to gain. Remember, Clickadu without “U” is just a number of letters. And we really do love you guys.

You surely need to be kinder and more polite with your personal manager. You reap what you sow – there is a saying. Don’t ghost us, people, and everything is going to be just fine.


Is one of the most profitable commission types for cooperation indeed. The more traffic volume you send us, and the more stable it is – the easier we can determine its quality and promote it among our advertisers.

It is quite a common thing among advertisers to optimize and rearrange their ad campaigns. What comes out of it? Rate boosts or traffic volume intake increases.

By choosing revshare you are guaranteed front-row seats to this show and therefore all the benefits! Don’t disregard the opportunity to get paid more due to somebody else’s experiments. Discuss possible and acceptable conditions with the advertising networks’ manager, and if you get a proposal to work with Revshare – don’t rush to give it up.


If you don’t get the desired number of impressions in the first hours of ads running. Our algorithms, statistics, and advertisers need some time to get access to your traffic, process, and distribute it to start the website monetization process.

There is a colossal job behind every click and action on your website. That’s why we ask for 24-48 hours to perform the test. And then, everything is going to be just right.


It is really hard for publishers and advertisers to consider everything by themselves only. Keep in touch with your manager, and tell more about your audience, advertisement experience, and everything you think is necessary. Always remember that our managers are constantly ready to give you a hand to start your website monetization successfully.


The rivalry between Adblock and Anti Adblock is like the race between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, TNMNT and Shredder, Batman and Joker. We do our best to help you monetize traffic from users which use Adblock even though it can be tough sometimes.

By the way, the Clickadu team advises you to check out your publisher’s panel or contact your personal manager to dive into our amazing Anti Adblock code for pop-up ad format.

Moreover, we suggest you check out the notifications in your personal Clickadu advertising network account from time to time. You will get only important news there.


Sorry, we are just fooling around xDxD
You can use them surely but antiviruses can affect ad code in a bad way. Unfortunately, it can be only one dishonest advertiser or unhappy customer because of whom the antivirus will consider the delivery domain inappropriate for ad delivery, and mark it as suspicious.

If we talk about unfair advertisers, here we have a team of dedicated moderators who work 24/7 to provide great customer service and inspect all advertising materials. In the second case, we can do little.
Especially when antiviruses often ignore even the most formal letters.


Clickadu advertising network managers can become more than just displayed names and avatars to you. You always can count on their support, and be sure our team will be on your side any time. Follow our tips and get the best monetization together with Clickadu!
We are always happy to come to the rescue!

Keep in touch
Yours, Leo

Author: Leo

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