Prepare yourself for IPL Cricket 2023!

Affiliate marketing for sports betting can be very lucrative, especially during a significant event. As you know, the cricket Indian Premier League is starting next week! Many affiliates are asking what they need to do to gain the most profit from the largest Indian sports event of the year.

In this post, we’ll go over the fundamentals of sports betting affiliate marketing, the benefits of advertising IPL Cricket 2023, and advice on discovering the ideal creatives for your campaigns.

Why is it Important to Focus on Betting Now?

Large-scale occasions like the approaching IPL Cricket competition typically improve the performance of the entire sector. This implies that the most anticipated athletic event of the year offers significant potential for profit for both publishers and advertisers. Even organic search traffic is increasing.

Profiting From the IPL 2023

The Cricket Indian Premier League draws billions of fans from India and nearby regions because of the competition’s unique characteristics and scope. IPL is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from sports betting affiliate marketing campaigns, as shown by the following factors.

Once a Year, a Rare Opportunity Arises

When establishing momentum and raising hopes, IPL sets a very high bar. Tons of fans have a great engagement rate, which can improve the effectiveness of any sports betting marketing initiative.

Customers are Highly Interested

IPL brings together people’s passion for sports and their deep emotional ties to a particular team and region it’s representing. Due to the high level of consumer interest, people are more likely to spend money on goods or activities from which they would often refrain. You can see how crazy people are in major sports seasons by the pizza and beer specials available.

Great for Newsletters, Themed Pages, and More

Humans are visual beings; therefore the IPL is the ideal time to personalize your touch points and demonstrate that you are interested in their interests. Create themed pages and other unique content that captures the spirit of the competition whenever you can.

Effective for Real-Time Campaigns

Sports events, in general, provide a fantastic opportunity to plan real-time promotions. You may dramatically increase engagement during specific periods of the day and establish your site as a reliable resource of information by providing real-time content, such as live commentary or game updates.

Increased Interaction on Mobile

Individuals frequently use mobile devices to watch the games they missed or to view additional tournament information. Maintaining your relevance and succeeding across devices can be facilitated by optimizing your website or providing a mobile app.

As we already said about IPL benefits, we must share some creative approaches. We will show you highly converting creatives for some Clickadu ad formats.





The Tips for Creatives are Simple

1. Use Real Players’ Photos

If the audience sees some familiar faces, especially from their favorite sports, your betting campaign’s performance will grow rapidly. Apply some recognizable shots of the players, and don’t forget to pay attention to the playing teams as well.

2. Apply Identity

The use of fairly specific logos or flags pertinent to the current match you are aiming at also makes sense. As many matches as we have, so the number of possible creatives with different logos can be used. Also, consider the GEOs when employing seasonal creatives. Supporters of different regions will excitedly click the advertisement featuring those local teams.

3. Women’s Moment

It just so happens that the iGaming sector has a tradition of using creatives who are attractive women. Men make up the majority of sports lovers, so they cannot ignore these images when browsing the website.

Furthermore, girls typically serve as cheerleaders at sporting events; thus, such images are accurate. Support, yell for, and enjoy your favorite team!

4. Bonuses

A winning strategy for betting creative is to concentrate on a bonus. Those willing to spend money on this vertical are drawn because they want to succeed. Freebets and bonuses encourage people to put their doubts aside!

All iGaming enthusiasts know that bonuses may reduce risks since, even though you make a deposit, you also receive a bonus that keeps you safe.

5. Smart Pre-Lenders

To cut a long tale short, pre-landers are pages that appear before your offer and serve as an additional pitch for the chain. Some affiliates steer clear of them since they are confident that adding an extra step to the conversion process would fail and result in users leaving.

Visitors are guided by catchy headlines and explicit directions on how to claim bonuses. A pre-lander can provide a brief explanation of the requirements for receiving a welcome bonus and a how-to manual.

6. Implement Gamification

There is a possibility to win a reward in sweepstakes. Giveaways can include whatever your clients could be interested in when used for the iGaming campaign, from gadgets and sports memorabilia to incentives, exclusive offers, and other promotions.
Take a look, for instance, at this winning advertisement that embraces both sweepstakes and online gaming:

What About the Text?
Being laconic is one of the most important things to remember while creating a text for your iGaming creative. Agreed, keep it brief and simple; users should be able to understand it right away. This is especially true if you advertise your deal during a crucial game.

Sports enthusiasts are enthralled by the game they are watching, and the occasion has all of their focus. Your creatives need to be capable of engaging them quickly and effectively. Users should be able to immediately decide, click, and return to the match with just a quick glance to understand what your advertisement is all about.


The exact numbers are compelling. Make sure to explain what customers will receive when promoting an iGaming bonus. Sums are important since they give you a competitive advantage, especially if they are more desirable than what your competitors are offering. We have previously seen these examples in our screenshots:

SPIN AND WIN ₹250, ₹500, ₹1000, ₹2000


Use a compelling phrase to encourage your users to take advantage of the deal. Clearly state what people should accomplish in a concise and memorable style, such as:

  • PLACE A BET AND GET 20$ BACK, and so on.

To Sum Up

Despite the fierce competition in the iGaming market, there are still opportunities for your adverts to stand out. A set of captivating creatives is one of the nicest things you can do as a beginning. And here are some things to remember:

  • Use different creatives with applying our tips
  • JOINCreate A/B testing to find the best-performing ones
  • Warm up users with Pre-lenders
  • Talk short and clear

So, are you prepared to experience iGaming? Then use these suggestions to create some eye-catching artwork right away. Good luck with your campaign, and have fun!

Author: Dan

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