More Push Notification targetings

Did you ever think of how to increase your push traffic amount without any efficiency loss?

In this case Clickadu offers you to try the InPage Push traffic type. To run it, just create a new advertising campaign with Push Notification ad format.

We increase your push traffic amount without any efficiency loss.

At present Clickadu provides you the InPage Push traffic type.

Now, you’re able to adjust your whether you’d like to get additional InPage Push traffic or not.

What’s the benefit of running Push Notifications with InPage traffic type?

  1. Here and now: Inpage engages users for your advertising campaigns that are browsing the publishers’ website.
  2. Spreading your audience: The sweetest thing is that InPage is compatible with all operating systems, so you’re able to target iOS users.

What does it look like?

On the surface, InPage designs resemble Push Notifications but it doesn’t require a user’s actions to subscribe notifications:

To manage your InPage Push traffic, just set up InPage Push settings from your Push Notification advertising campaign.

Curious to know what can be squeezed out of your advertising campaign? Hit the button over here:

Author: Dan

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