Check it out if you are Groot!

Shmowzow, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy II time! Clickadu team is stockpiling popcorn because we’re going to the cinema. But first… We need to make sure we’re working with PROs in online advertising. Let’s check, ain’t you Groot in affiliate marketing?

1. Estimate the trajectory of your digital spaceship by choosing some cool affiliate offers.

You should know the advertising space well enough to get your business to the next level. Investigate new horizons, enhance your experience & intuition, scrutinize activity of other space media buyers in order to choose a powerful offer..

2. Prepare to trade with other alien species by creating an awesome landing page that sales good.

Who knows what may happen if you’re prepared not well enough? As a result – poor conversions or none! Work on LP design, get rid of dead weight, make it easy to follow and remember… Artificial-Cosmic CTA is half the work.

3. Track your space path with magic tracking solutions.

You never know when you need to look back and modify your campaign for better results. Integrate with the tracking software, choose the best options to get far and earn more! Voluum, clickBakers, Bemob & AdsBridge could be your best space companions in this case.

4. Set the best targeting options to get the best space crew ever.

Your audience is your crew in getting all the treasures in the deep advertising space. Do not neglect choosing the detailed targeting options. Take into account their origin, their device equipment & stuff. Don’t be too greedy… Increase ? Or Make higher ? your bid to get the best quality traffic. Estimate your audience with spaceship devices such as Traffic Estimator by Clickadu (sign up/in & test it for free)

5. Optimize your ad path to avoid asteroids and space junk.

Don’t give it up too easy and don’t cut unoptimized campaigns. Check if everything looks quite suitable, test, improvise with LPs and your targets to reach the result you ever wanted. Still feel lost? Contact the advertising network HQ manager to help you in this case.

If you’re following all the recommendations then you’re not that log… Um, we mean Groot in affiliate marketing space. And “you are not going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy” 😉

Keep it up to infinity and beyond!

Author: Dan

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