Google Chrome 64 update. Shed some light on the issue

The upcoming Google Chrome 64 was signified as ‘the end of the pops industry’. Clickadu team has decided to shed some light on the issue whether it’s a real pain or not.

A quick retrospective:

In June 2017 Google announced the plans to create a new Chrome in 2018 to support the ‘Coalition for better ads’ to block all the ads not endorsed.

A release date (January 23) of a full version of Chrome 64 with a built-in ad-blocking solution has raised a tense degree in the whole affiliate community.

Are there any solutions?

Сlickadu basic popunder code was tested on an embedded Chrome adblocker by our specialists at all the known OSes and devices and, most importantly, it works so give it up, folks.

Yet, there are some insignificant issues with pop-unders, so we recommend you to switch pop-under to a popup/tabup. Please contact Clickadu Support or your personal manager to receive a popup/tabup code.

Are there any other improvements in this regard?

Along with the February system advances, we’re releasing an enhanced advertising code.
What’s the difference? It’s lighter, faster, profitable and bypasses the Chrome 64 adblock system even better than a basic code.

Are there any actions required from the publisher’s side to upgrade the code?

The code will be updated on our side so no actions from your side are not required.

Are there any upcoming advertising formats?

Sure, we’re working on it already.
If you are not satisfied with popups, we’re now testing a new profitable advertising format: Push Notifications.
Push notifications are Google safe advertising format and are not prohibited by ‘Better Ads Standards’.

Feeling thrilled? Please contact Clickadu Support or your personal manager for more info.

Thank you. Happy earnings.

Author: Dan

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