Meet RedTrack – Advanced ad tracking and analytics platform

Welcome our new partner – RedTrack! It was the pleasure to talk with Dasha, Marketing Manager in RedTrack and we want to share this information with you. is advanced SaaS performance ad tracking and analytics platform. It combines sophisticated feature set with ease-of-use interface and excellent support.

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We’ve heard a lot about your tracking platform, Dasha could you please tell what sets your system apart from others?

It’s no secret that 2017 – 2018 was the period when many new trackers made their way into the affiliate and performance marketing industry. RedTrack was among them. What has really made us different is not the features or affordable pricing. In the end, we’re convinced that every feature can be copied and every pricing can be matched. What makes us different is the focus on the users through our attitude: prompt support, free assistance with onboarding, actionable webinars, YouTube and Telegram channels. It’s about constant, 2-way communication.

As far as I know, RedTrack is quite a large company and so I’m wondering what traffic volumes go through your tracker daily?

I’m restrained to share such kind of information publicly. But I can now definitely say that the daily traffic is measured in billions.

What about the latest updates? What useful features have you released soon?

We have two types of RedTrack features:

  • the updates that we release in accordance with our development plan,
  • and the ones that we introduce by the request of our users.


Recently, we implemented a number of user requests including but not limited to FraudScore integration, impression data forwarding, custom postback events, and reports for Traffic Sources. Multi-lingual interface would be introduced within a couple of weeks. In addition to the English, the RedTrack users would be able to use Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

When speaking about our roadmap — we’ve been working hard on RedTrack infrastructure, user interface and expanding infrastructure to support our growing user-base across APAC and NA. With these updates, we will improve data processing speed for all users and faster redirects from geos like Australia and Japan.

Besides, we’ve recently released multi-access feature, opening new possibilities for affiliates and media buyers to manage their teams in controlled access environment.

Сustomers are always worried about the fraud and bots. What tools do you use to filter traffic?

RedTrack provides 20+ filters for precise traffic targeting and distribution, including geolocation, connection type, device type, brand and model, browser, carrier, language, proxy type and many more.

We also see a huge rise of interest in fraudulent click and conversion filtering and prevention. We strive to follow the industry demands, and now RedTrack offers several levels of bot/fraud traffic prevention — bot blacklisting, proxy filtering, and FraudScore (anti-fraud tool) integration. We have more features in development to address these needs and will be ready to talk about them Q1 2019.

New Year is just around the corner, so what should we expect from RedTrack in 2019?

Our main focus for 2019 would be:

  • Automation & optimization — we plan to release several features around automatic performance optimization including API based traffic source management based on campaign KPIs;
  • User experience — improving both user interface and supporting materials to create seamless experience in setting up campaigns and analysing data;
  • Growth — we keep enlarging the tracker possibilities while introducing advanced and unique features to support the needs of performance focus ad tracking.

Where can we catch up with you in the nearest future?

We try to attend all the biggest affiliate marketing events. For example, we just came back from AWA in Bangkok, where we met several of our customers. I’m sure you’d get us right — it’s always a lot of fun to meet offline the people you chat with on a daily basis.

The closest events where you can meet our team are ASW in Las Vegas, TES in Lisbon, and MAC in Moscow. So if you plan to visit any of them — we would be glad to meet you there!

We know that you care about your users, what kind of support do you provide to them?

Shortly, the best one 🙂 No kidding, this is the feedback we receive from RedTrack users on a daily basis.

Getting down to details – we support users via email, Skype, and in Telegram channel. We also offer free onboarding for customers. We record video-guides and organize joint webinars with our partners to share the tips, tricks, and updates.

Do you have the unique support systems for newbies?

We can truly name RedTrack as a “newbie”-friendly tracker for several reasons.
The first one is our comprehensive Knowledge Base, where users can find the step-by-step guide on tracker settings.
Secondly, we have 80+ presets for Affiliate Networks and Traffic Sources for quick and easy start of ad campaigns.

Quite a unique feature inside our tracker is RedTrack TV. This is the place where we post video guides and tutorials, and we plan to develop this service further.

One of the most popular support service among both starters and pro-RedTrack users is our Telegram channel. It is the community where we always maintain communication with the users, share tracker updates, company news, give bonuses and promocodes.

Let’s imagine that I’m a newbie, should I use a SmartLink?

Smartlinks from RedTrack are still at its demo stage, and a few users only have access to them now. Still, I can promptly answer your question — this feature is not for those who just start their journey in affiliate marketing. To get best from Smartlinks feature, an affiliate should work with huge traffic volumes.

Dasha, tell us, please, how do you encourage your clients? Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have a referral program. Conditions are easy — earn 10% lifetime recurring revenue commission for every paid registration you help us generate. Every RedTrack user can get his unique referral from dedicated account page.

Dasha, are there any special bonus for Clickadu users?

Sure. Use promo-code Clickadu_50 to get 50% discount – for 1 month (available for registration on any RedTrack paid subscription plan).


Thanks for the insights, Dasha!

Author: Dan

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