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Cross Format Advertising allows you to run the campaigns in multiple ad formats at the same time. Clickadu is happy to give you this opportunity! While creating the campaign in the push-notification format, you can also promote your offer via the banner ad format right away.

Banners are the most convenient way to promote your offer because it is the most demanded ad format for both publishers and advertisers. Banners are suitable for all traffic types and GEOs. CTR and CR could be even higher compared to the classic push traffic. Moreover, Banners don’t interrupt the user browsing experience and give colossal testing options!

What benefits will you get?

  • Additional traffic volume boost in one click
  • Extended audience coverage
  • Increased number of conversions
  • You’ll save time on creating the campaigns and will manage just one campaign

How to boost traffic on your PN campaigns with a Cross Format ad option

To activate banner traffic on your campaign, find the “Cross Format Advertising” section when creating a Push Notification campaign, and push the “Allow Traffic From Banner Spots” button.

Then you need to set up the text and the creatives.

For the Cross Format Advertising campaign you need to add:

  • The Title – 30 symbols text, appearing in the first place
  • The Description – 40 symbols text, appearing below the Title
  • Icon – a small picture with minimum width and height of 192×192
  • Creative – a big picture with minimum width and height of 360х180

When it is all done, you could see a preview of the Push notification and the banners.


If you want to see how the creatives look on different OS devices and on banner spots, you can click these buttons above the creative examples:

Useful tokens to track the campaign performance:

To receive more information about the performance of your Push Notification campaign’, we recommend you add the following tokens to your Target URL (applicable only if you use a tracker):

{pn_type} – allows tracking data by push-notification campaigns traffic type (Native Push, In-Page Push, or Banner in case you use Cross Format Advertising);

{cohort} – allows tracking data by user activity

If you are not sure how to create a convert banner ad, come and check our Banner Ads Essential Guide. It definitely would help you to create high CR and CTR banners.

Author: Dan

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