A vast feature to be announced!

To explain this feature more consistently, let us introduce you to the iCloud Private Relay. When the user browsing the web, the network provider can easily see his DNS record and the IP address, and that can lead to the determination of user identity, and profile + browsing history building over time. With enabled, Private Relay encrypts users’ DNS records, so no one can see the address of the website, users trying to visit.

In brief, iCloud Private Relay helps to build a high-performance browsing experience, keep privacy and protect personal users’ data from any parties.

Before we weren’t able to show any ads to users with Private Relay enabled to WiFi/3G targeting setups.

Now it is possible to track users with Private Relay switched on, so there are more options for targeting.

Advertiser or Clickadu manager can choose:

  • Either target users with Private Relay enabled
  • Or do not target this type of consumers

How to enable Apple Relay targeting?

In the Self Serve Platform while creating/editing the campaign in the connection type field you can choose:

  1. ALL – all user’s devices will be added to the targeting + Apple Relay
  2. Choose 3G/WIFI and push Allow Apple Relay button. All users of chosen connection type will be added to the targeting + Apple Relay  
  3. While choosing WiFi/3G do not check in the “Allow Apple Relay” field, then the targeting will switch to WiFi/3G type of devices, and will not affect users with Apple Relay enabled

To sum up, the Apple Relay feature can help advertisers to target audiences with different Private Relay statuses. This means that an even larger field for testing opens up. Sounds cool, right? Try it out by yourself!

Author: Dan

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