Digital advertising vs Pandemia vol2.

July 14, 2020

Well, partners, we are now gradually returning to our previous lifestyle as well as the global economy. Of course, as a lot of experts say, the world will never be the same after COVID-19, but we all know the business cycle...Remission and recovery always come after the crisis. And let's all hope that we've reached the bottom and now can push off of it.

However, and we can all agree on this one: it's one thing to hear about effects and business cycle and absolutely another is to look at the real statistics.

If you somehow managed to miss our previous article about pandemic impact on digital advertising, then click here (in this post you can also find our helpful survival tips)

Traffic Market

According to SimilarWeb, air travel and tourism segment in general is starting to grow a little. Previously we could see it fall by 30-35 percent. Now we can see a slight, but still an evident growth.

It seems like the opposite thing is happening to Health and News area. When facing the uncertainty, we human beings start to maniacally monitor our health and read the news to keep abreast of what is happening. As if we can control the situation by doing that. And past statistics show us that.

However now, when it's been almost four months of pandemic, people seem to pay less attention to this kind of content.

Online shopping and food delivery

Boom of the e-commerce segment that was obvious for us in the first three months, now is declining. But the good thing is that, as the experts say, e-commerce and shopping will still show positive dynamics.

Almost the same dynamics are observed in entertaining and food delivery segments.

The full picture with weekly updates can be found here:

"What has changes in Clickadu since April?" you'll ask us

And we'll tell you that a lot of changes have happened since then. Let's start with the not-so-good numbers.

Yeah, as you can see, traditional verticals like Nutra, PushSubs and APK keep showing negative dynamics, but this numbers are not directly related with COVID-19 situation.

In the previous part of our update on the pandemic impact on digital advertising we noted that some of the verticals like betting and dating have gone down. But look at this numbers now:

As the lockdown comes to the end and sport events return, gambling&betting and dating finally start to grow fast. People are obviously tired of sitting home and chatting online. They want to go on a date and watch sports live.

So don't hesitate to use the chance.


We'd like to say that, though we don't want to rush things, it seems like verticals that were affected the most by the pandemic are beginning to recover. Our team can't even imagine how long the process will last, but we'll keep you in touch.

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How have you been in the last three months? What new have you noticed about pandemic impact on digital advertising and affiliate marketing?

Share your observations and your experience. It'll be helpful for all of us.

Clickadu Team