Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Clickadu Team!

Merry Christmas, clickadvertisers and clickublishers! Do you remember Mariah Carey singing ‘All I want for Christmas is you…’?

That’s what we, the Clickadu Team, really value — you, friends.
Christmas is a good occasion to thank you all, guys, for staying with us! This year was really rich in innovations and solutions we developed for your financial growth.

This is what you were lucky to try in 2016:

  • The introduction of the Anti-AdBlock System prevented money loss & raised payouts up to 20%.
  • Advertisers may now use the handy Self-Serve Platform with more targeting options, user-friendly interface, detailed statistics and reports hourly updated.
  • Thanks to the anti-cheat system integration we managed to notably improve traffic quality.
  • More impressions? Yes, sir! We impress by showing a 45% growth which is now 100m+, and that’s not a limit!
  • We launched a delicious pricing model for SSP users — SmartCPA. Advertisers may choose it while launching a campaign in order to optimize costs by paying for conversions only.
  • Advertisers may also explore an RTB method allowing to choose more targeted audiences.
  • And there is something that we are really proud of!… We won the Best Emerging Brand nomination of the 6th ANNUAL YNOT AWARDS held in Prague.

You see, we are constantly improving, and promise that next year you will experience some profit-boosting changes.
Wanna stay updated? Like us! 🙂

Author: Dan

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