SSP Platfrom Autumn Updates

Dear partners,

This Autumn we did our best to make the Self-Serve Platform fully-upgraded and we have a lot of new things for you to share. Let’s have a look:


Nuke campaigns remotely with API 2.0

We have fully upgraded the API to enhance the functionality. Now you’re able to run a wider range of operations and increase the number of requests to 500.

Read more about this API update here.


More control on your traffic cost with SmartCPM custom zone rate feature

Running SmartCPM? Then you should definitely try this feature. Now you’re able to set custom rates for the ad zones to control your traffic quality and cost.



Read more about this sCPM update here.

Quick Top up

Don’t have enough budget to launch your campaign? Well, it’s okay. A quick top-up modal window allows you to top up the balance right out the campaign creation form.



Make it through the Traffic inventory

Now you’re able to make it quick with a time-saving Traffic Inventory Update. Choose the device type and the country, to get the results. Now you’re able to create a campaign with the selected preset.


Found the desired slice? Click the ‘+’ button to create the campaign.



Besides, we have added a ‘Reset’ button for you to quick-reset your presets.

Start duplicated campaigns right away (though the mobile devices)

Tired of scrolling to the start campaign button in the duplicated campaigns? Do it right away with the ‘Start Campaign’ tab.



Target it faster with Bid presets

This time there are a lot of time-saving updates. The system will suggest you bid considering your advertising format. By choosing the bid you’ll get the list of targetings that match the bid.



Advanced campaign duplication

Need more campaigns with the targeting options that already meet your needs? Duplicate your campaign in the advanced mode. All you need is to add new countries and bid.



Down with VAT messages

I agree, these service messages can be really frustrating. However, this VAT one is really important. Doesn’t relate with TAX operations or you’re Okay? You can close this window now to save your screen space.

Looking forward to trying these new updates? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform.


More extended statistics

Need more data regarding your website revenue and traffic or you’re keeping the payouts to a certain level? Now the platform statistics store data up to 90 days which allows you to see extended website reports.

Adaptive Platform Design

Unlike SSP for Advertisers this one is already delivered. Love to do things on the run? The updated adaptive design will help you to interact with your dashboard with the mobile device.



Down with VAT messages again

In case that you have missed the previous VAT message update, then… Doesn’t relate with TAX operations or your VAT status is okay? You can close this window now to save your screen space.

Code refactoring

To avoid traffic loss we have updated the ad code and scoring system. Now the advertisement loading speed is reduced in order to score more engaged users.

Looking forward to trying these new updates? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform.

Author: Andrew

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