Meet API 2.0 Global Update

Advertisers make more and more changes to their campaigns in order to achieve rapid progress. No matter if you want to start it from scratch or use what you already have, API helps you to make these improvements on the fly.

That’s why we have released a Global API functionality update which provides a large pool of new automatization opportunities and now rightly carries the number of 2.0!

What makes API 2.0 special? Now you can…

  • Create advertising campaigns remotely
  • Pull your account balance info
  • Update your campaigns statuses (new API makes it easier)
  • Get more comprehensive campaign statistics
  • Use the sandbox to execute test requests

Besides, API automatization now works with all the supplied advertising formats and supports tracking tools integrations.


Looks pretty updated, huh?

If you getting the hang of an older API, we have a version switch left for you (which statistics requests was improved too).


How to access API?

API is available by the navigation menu for all the advertisers with the ‘approved’ legal status (learn more of KYC).

Looking forward to trying this new thing? Welcome to the Clickadu Self-Serve Platform.

Author: Andrew

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