SmartCPM custom zone rate feature

Dear partners,

How often do you resort to SmartCPM pricing models when it comes to your advertising experience? We encourage you to do it more often as SmartCPM is now powered with a Custom rate feature that allows you to set cost for individual zones (websites) and enhance your budget control.


How does it work?

    1. You create a SmartCPM campaign, or use the one that is already running.
    2. The campaign is growing statistics and zone records.
    3. You can set a fixed rate for specific zones. Just like that


Where to find it?

The custom rate feature is available in the Self-Serve Platform Dashboard. From here you’re able to manage your SmartCPM campaign rates.

  1. Select the appropriate date range.
  2. Choose the campaign you’d like to expand.
  3. You can change zones rate in a bulk or use a single rate changer like on the screenshot above.

Fixed rate allows you to get a more competitive rate for the most effective zones or reduce the cost for the specific zones to save some extra.

Willing to see what you can do with SmartCPM Custom Rate feature? Welcome to the Self-Serve Platform.

Author: Andrew

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