7 Reasons To Communicate With Your Manager

Did you know that in the Clickadu advertising network, you are not alone? That’s true, at least you have a personal manager who is willing to help you anyhow. Not so many people are interested in customer service and prefer to work on something all by themselves. It might be the right approach if you have lots of experience or hours of free time to do testing and make some mistakes.

For others, Clickadu offers a high-quality dedicated support team that can be your helping hand in any case you might face during your work. Do you want to learn more about how we can possibly make your life easier and earn more money for you?

In this article, we’ll uncover all secrets about Clickadu support, the terms and conditions of our quality assurance team, tips and tricks to be more successful in affiliate marketing and share the top 7 reasons why you should be in contact with your personal manager.

Let’s dive into this and find out how Clickadu staff members can become your true and loyal friends.

Who Is A Personal Manager?

At Clickadu ad network, a personal manager is a dedicated professional who serves as a crucial link between advertisers and the network’s resources. They play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and successful advertising experience.
Clickadu’s personal managers are adept at understanding advertisers’ unique needs and objectives, providing tailored solutions to maximize campaign performance. They assist in the setup of advertising campaigns, offer strategic insights, and continuously optimize ad placements to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, personal managers at Clickadu are responsible for addressing any concerns or inquiries advertisers may have, ensuring a high level of client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships. Their expertise and commitment make them an essential asset for advertisers looking to harness the full potential of the Clickadu ad network.

How To Scale Your Campaign’s Performance?

A manager can play a pivotal role in helping to increase the performance of advertisers’ campaigns by providing guidance, expertise, and strategic support. Here’s how a manager can assist in this endeavor:

  • Campaign Strategy Development: A manager can work closely with advertisers to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy. This involves setting clear objectives, identifying target audiences, and choosing the most effective advertising channels and formats.
  • Data Analysis: Managers can analyze campaign data to gain insights into what’s working and what needs improvement. They can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS) to make data-driven decisions.
  • Budget Allocation: Managers can help advertisers allocate their budget effectively. They can advise on how to distribute funds among different campaigns, channels, and ad variations to maximize results within the available budget.
  • Ad Creative and Copy: Managers can provide feedback and recommendations on ad creatives and copywriting to ensure they are compelling and relevant to the target audience. They may also suggest A/B testing to identify the best-performing ad variations.
  • Keyword and Targeting Optimization: For platforms like Google Ads, managers can optimize keyword targeting, negative keywords, and audience targeting to reach the most relevant users and reduce ad spending on irrelevant clicks.
  • Ad Placement and Positioning: Managers can advise on where to place ads for maximum visibility and impact. They can also work to secure premium ad placements on relevant websites or platforms.
  • Continuous Optimization: Ad campaigns require ongoing optimization. Managers can continually monitor campaigns, adjust strategies as needed, and stay updated on industry trends and platform changes to keep campaigns competitive.
  • Competitive Analysis: Managers can research and analyze competitors’ campaigns to identify opportunities and areas where advertisers can gain a competitive edge.
  • Testing and Experimentation: Managers can encourage advertisers to run tests and experiments to identify what works best for their specific target audience and industry, leading to continuous improvement.

By offering a combination of strategic guidance, data analysis, and ongoing optimization, a manager can significantly contribute to increasing the overall performance and ROI of advertisers’ campaigns. This collaborative approach helps advertisers make informed decisions and adapt to changes in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

Why It Is Necessary To Communicate With Your Manager?
Top 7 Reasons.

Communication with your manager is important and vital in many areas. It helps to create productive and positive working relationships, achieve individual and team goals, and ensure that you have the support and resources for any concern.

We gathered the top 7 reasons for you to communicate with your manager. Let’s dive into the insights of how Clickadu managers can help you scale the campaigns and gain extra profit.

1. Ready-to-use presets of settings for offers: YouTube, Gambling, Dating, Nutra, etc

Clickadu’s managers can help you to ease the process of campaign management. For instance, there are several ready-to-use presets available for our users to simplify the process of setting the campaigns for YouTube, Gambling, Dating, and many other verticals.

These presets serve as a strategic shortcut, allowing advertisers to leverage proven strategies and configurations right from the start. This not only saves valuable time but also increases the chances of success in these diverse and competitive markets.

2. Internal statistics for getting relevant and custom settings

Having access to internal statistics allows advertisers to tune the settings and strategies with precision. We can help you leverage our own insights to make smart analytical decisions.

With internal statistics, we can stay ahead of market trends, understand our audience better, and adapt our campaigns in real-time. This empowers us to optimize our customer’s ROI, minimize wastage, and deliver exceptional results, ultimately driving the success of our campaigns and maximizing our profitability.

3. Custom-selected white and black lists for offers: The manager will gather them within the offer type and zone performance.

Utilizing custom-selected white and blacklists, curated specifically based on offer type and zone performance, is a game-changer for our campaigns.

This strategic approach ensures that we maintain a laser-sharp focus on targeting, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently. By carefully selecting white-listed sources with proven performance records and blacklisting underperforming or low-quality sources, we can significantly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness.

This helps us maximize ROI by avoiding wasteful expenditures. With this level of customization, campaigns become more adaptive and responsive to real-time changes in the market, ultimately leading to improved overall performance and profitability.

4. Prompt notification of promotions: Be among the first ones who will know about bonuses!

Being among the first to know about promotions and bonuses is a significant advantage for our advertisers. Prompt notifications of promotions enable you to seize opportunities swiftly, giving you a competitive edge.

By getting the promotions first, you can use special offers and sales, which can lead to increased conversions and revenue. It underscores your commitment to maximizing returns and staying at the forefront of the market.

5. Assistance in selecting/making creatives for campaigns: not sure what creative to use? The manager will suggest the best-performing ones or will make customized creatives for you!

Choosing the right creatives for your campaigns can be a challenging task, but with the help of our manager, you have a reliable partner for guidance. The manager’s expertise allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge about what works best in our industry. They can suggest the best-performing creatives based on data-driven insights, saving your time and resources through trial and error.

6. Selection of the most competitive bids according to the type of offer and targeting options

Strategically choosing the most competitive bids for your campaigns is crucial in maximizing ROI. Our manager’s expertise in this area ensures that we never overpay while still maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. They analyze the specific type of offer and the intricacies of your targeting options to determine the optimal bid strategy.

With competitive bidding strategies tailored to our campaign goals, you not only save money but also achieve better visibility and engagement with our target audience. This leads to cost savings, better ad placement, and improved ad performance.

7. Prompt assistance with campaign pre-moderation: Do you Have an issue with the campaign moderation or are not sure if it complies with the Policy rules? The manager will help you!

Campaign moderation is a critical step in ensuring that your advertising complies with policy rules and guidelines. With the manager’s expertise and support, we have a reliable resource to turn to when you encounter issues or uncertainties during the pre-moderation process. This assistance not only saves your valuable time but also helps to avoid potential pitfalls that could lead to campaign rejections or compliance issues.

Communication with a manager can promptly address pre-moderation concerns. It means that we can move forward with confidence, knowing that your campaigns meet all necessary requirements. It underscores the commitment to ethical and policy-compliant advertising practices, protecting your brand reputation and ensuring that your campaigns are seen by our target audience without delays.


In conclusion, there are numerous compelling reasons to maintain open and effective communication with your manager. Whether you’re navigating the complex world of marketing, overseeing campaigns, or striving for success in any professional endeavor, your manager serves as an invaluable partner in achieving your goals. From streamlining operations with presets to leveraging internal statistics, customizing settings, and seizing promotional opportunities, your manager’s expertise is a powerful asset.

Furthermore, their guidance in selecting or creating creatives, optimizing bids, and ensuring campaign compliance not only enhances your efficiency but also sets the stage for consistent success. By creating a strong working relationship and communicating with your manager, you more likely will grow your revenue, profitability, and a competitive edge in your industry.

In essence, effective communication with your manager is a strategic advantage that can elevate your performance, drive results, and scale your business. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clickadu’s managers, collaborate, and harness the full potential of this vital partnership. We are always here for you!

Author: Ksenia

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