Why not meet on YNOT Summit?

July 08, 2020

The online conference thing is... It's comfortable, don't you think? You don't have to move anywhere and get communication with any attendance around the globe. The most important - not to forget to put on some sweats.
Well, why don't we continue? The YNOT Summit event was announced to open its doors' on July 20-22. Besides, the participation tickets are free for every participant.

Click here to register.

The Clickadu team will be there too! Wanna seal some deals? Ping, our participants to schedule a meeting:

Email: george@clickadu.com
Skype: george_14346
Telegram: @george_click

Email: inga@clickadu.com
Skype: inga@clickadu.com
Telegram: @ingridtraf

Email: k.sergio@clickadu.com
Skype: k.sergio_2
Telegram: @Sergius_Click

Email: sergio@clickadu.com
Skype: live:sergio_11911
Telegram: @sergioclickadu

Serg R | Head of Media Buyers
Email: serg.r@clickadu.com
Skype: serg.clickadu
Telegram: @sergclicker

Leo | Senior Affiliate Manager
Email: leo@clickadu.com
Skype: live:leo_13385
Telegram: @zuambriakial

Clickadu Team