FAQ for New Advertisers

Dear partners,

We are constantly collecting questions that come up when you’re starting to use our platform. Answers to the most frequent ones were published in the previous article. Today we’ve prepared an update for you.

Will my campaign be moderated before I top up my balance?

No. Clickadu services don’t imply moderation for advertisers without an advertising budget. First, you should add funds to your account and after that your campaign will be reviewed.

Don’t worry, you can make a refund if your campaign will be rejected. Read the Refund Policy here.

All the requirements for campaigns that are checked by our moderators you can find in Terms&Conditions and Advertising & Quality Guidelines.

What targeting can I choose for my campaign?

GEO, OS, OS type and version, devices, device types, browsers, browser language, connection type – 3g (mobile isp for mobile 3g) and wifi. You can also include or exclude definite sources with Whitelists and Blacklists.

Why was my campaign rejected?

All advertisers must follow Terms&Conditions and Advertising & Quality Guidelines. Most likely that your advertising campaign was rejected due to the violation of some requirements. Please, check the email you got when your campaign was rejected – it always contains the reason for refusal and possible actions.

Which language does Clickadu support team speak?

Our support team speaks English. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you if you ask your question in other languages.

Do not forget that you can find the answer by reading the FAQ or asking our support team.

Have great profits!

Author: Dan

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