Monetize your website with Clickadu

Nowadays there are so many opportunities for anyone to gain money online. It can be affiliate marketing, email blasts, own business, and many many other options.

The main point – is that you can’t be sure you can get any reasonable money for your work. There can be lots of reasons why you don’t get the amount of revenue you forecasted.

If you want to earn much more without any requirable skills in digital marketing or business development, you can rely on Clickadu. Explore 10 reasons why to join Clickadu, and start monetizing your website straight away.

1. Easy to get started

Clickadu is a platform in which everyone can register with just a couple of clicks. Many other networks have different severe requirements to start monetizing. Clickadu offers simple registration with high-speed moderation and approval.

After that, you can start earning on your website monetization within a couple of hours. Of course, there are some requirements that your website has to match. Explore our terms and conditions to know where you need to begin.

2. Monetize your website along with other platforms

If you already have a source for website monetization, you don’t need to get rid of them in case you start working with Clickadu. To be honest, you can use Clickadu alongside other services, like AdSense or others.

However, there are very few limitations you’ll showdown with using the Clickadu monetization platform. Be sure that we’ll help you to get the highest revenue possible.

3. 7 ad formats

Yeah, while monetizing with Clickadu, you will be able to

  • Push Notifications
  • Popunder
  • Video
  • Banners
  • SKIM
  • Instant Text Message
  • InPage Push

Of course, all of these advertising formats have their own CPM rates and advantages. And to get the best performance, we offer a huge inventory for any type of traffic.

4. A Flawless fill rate and Global Coverage

Clickadu offers consistent ad coverage over 240+ GEOs and can help to monetize international traffic. We even can do monetization in hard-monetizing countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others. Clickadu offers a fill rate of 100% so your revenue will be maximized on each GEO, and each visitor.

We can be sure your monetization will be fulfilled as we have many advertisers around the world, and 22 verticals for promoting. That’s why not even 1 impression will be wasted.

5. Clean Ads only

Clickadu has a decent moderation team working 24/7. Our crew provides great services and protects the websites from any type of malware, viruses, tech support, and obscene content.

We guarantee 100% clean feed, so you shouldn’t be worried about the appearance of your website, and you definitely won’t lose your customer’s loyalty and trust.

Be sure that our Policy restrictions and several moderation stages will make ads maximum safe and clean.

6. Anti-Adblock system

If you don’t want to lose any piece of converting traffic, you will definitely enjoy our Anti-AdBlock solution which gains over 20-40% more traffic to your website. Using a simple Anti-Adblock code will not only attract more users to your page but also will protect it from antivirus filters.

The main thing is that you can use this solution with pops, and integrate it simply with a couple of clicks. This option surely can help you to maximize your revenue.

7. Lucrative referral program

When you sign up for Clickadu Network you’ll find a unique link in your personal account that you can share however you choose! You can benefit from a referral program that allows maximizing revenue by referring new users to the platform. You’ll receive 5% of your referrals’ income.

Use these methods:

  • Place a Clickadu referral banner on your website with a referral link attached to attract users.
  • Place a link on your pages on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.). It can be inserted in your bio or regular posts.
  • Share a link in your comments and signatures on forums and other web platforms. Be careful, some forums do not allow referral links!
  • Put your referral link on or under the video and upload it on Youtube, Vimeo, and other tubes. You can show your dashboard, stats, payment proofs, or something else that may bring referrals.
  • Use your email signature, business cards, and other communication channels to promote your referral link.

Remember that you will receive 5% of your referrals’ income. Moreover, you’ll continue receiving lifetime revenues generated by Publishers that you’ve invited.

You can find your personal link in the account after registration

8. Easy Payouts

Clickadu has practically the best payout system across all networks. When you register a publisher’s account with Clickadu, you can set up your payout schedule and terms.

You can choose from Webmoney, PayPal, Paxum, and Wire (bank transfer). The payments are fully automatic, once you have passed profile validation checks and chosen your payout schedule. These payments are made according to the Terms&Conditions agreement.

So, the payout process is really simple and totally clear, so you don’t need to worry about your money transfers.

9. Push subscription monetization

Many popular web browsers allow users to subscribe to Push Notifications from websites. Websites may ask a user to subscribe to their Push Notifications. If the user presses Allow, then the site may send this user a Push notification at any time. Even when this website isn’t opened in the browser.

This service is one of the best solutions to get additional monetizing of your website. The service is automated, and you just need to send your traffic to the Clickadu Push subscription link so it will generate extra revenue for you.

The main point about push subscription monetization is that you keep getting revenue from subscribers for as long as they stay subscribed, so overall revenue is usually higher than on the CPS model.

After you have collected a large number of subscribers, they start bringing you a considerable passive income, even after you stop collecting new subscribers.

10. Clickadu has multiple benefits for webmasters

Long story short, we provide nice treatment and many benefits for our customers. Check some of them below

  • Stable and high CPMs for webmasters
  • Strong fill rates help to maximize revenue
  • Good level of support via email and Skype among other methods
  • Various settings for the frequency of ad impressions. Amount, range, limits on CSS Classes, Up\Under
  • Setting up an advertising feed. Restrictions on certain undesirable products\offer verticals
  • The ability to customize the advertising feed to match the requirements of Pbwebmedia ( upon request from the manager.
  • Individual conditions for important clients


Clickadu is a perfect place to monetize a website if you want good support service, nice CPM rates, clean ads, and consistent ad coverage. The monetization process doesn’t require a list of tough skills, and the start is quite simple and understandable.

Clickadu is a source of a 100% passive income stream for all websites that receive traffic. You need to do the bare minimum to set up everything, accounts are activated instantly, and you can start earning immediately.

We wish you the best of luck in working together with us and will be happy to help anyone to start gaining money on their websites.

Author: Serg

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