8 tips for your successfull SmartCPA campaign

SmartCPA is like a basic CPA, but it’s powered with automatic optimization algorithm that automatically matches your CPA offers to 100% engaged users, helping you reach a more relevant audience. And it allows you to pay only for conversions. Sounds great, doesn’t it?) However, success depends on how well the new technology is used. So, in this guide, we’ve collected some tips on how to maximize your profit.


Check the postback set-up several times. Correctly configured tracking URL will save you from spending traffic for nothing, and this is the last thing we all want.


Conversion cost starts at $0.01, still, we offer to set 70-80% of your network’s payout. Thus, the SmartCPA algorithm will be able to pick up more traffic to the offer from high-quality zones.


Target settings. The more accurate the setting, the greater the chance of a successful test. Always try to separate tests on any basis. For example, mobile and desktop, Wi-fi and 3G, test different OS. Remember that tests with a wide targeting require a much larger budget.

Mark your limits. Slice limit is a definitely useful option, in this case, the system will optimize your campaign itself. If you work with any particular vertical, then you know how much traffic from one source is enough to make a decision of blocking it. Using this option, you set the source ban rule, if you have not received any conversion for a certain amount of traffic. Thus, you protect your test and don’t allow several sources to spent the entire budget.

Use Early Efficient Checker. This option will be useful if you test a lot of offers or try different combinations with landing pages. When you run many tests at once, the system will help you to determine the winner, and ineffective tests will be stopped. As a result – most of the test budget will be saved. We wouldn’t recommend using those settings with the offers with a very low conversion cost, as well as offers with a deep flow and where conversions come with a delay.


SmartCPA will certainly undertake most of the work, but the efficiency of the model will depend on the offer, try to launch offers with the minimum number of redirects, in-house offers or offers from direct advertisers. All that stuff will incur a traffic loss up to 75% and, as a result, you will not see any profit.


The testing budget should depend on the flow depth. If your campaign implies numerous flow levels, in that case, we advise you significantly increase the test budget, so the system will be able to test your offer truly representative.


Test budget. One campaign, one test starts at $10. Still, the bigger the budget limit, the more zones will be tested and the more traffic you’ll get. If the budget is insufficient, then the probability of finding the right traffic for your offer is significantly reduced. Finally, it may turn out that the number of conversions will be less than it could be, eCPM will quickly fade away and you will have to launch a new test.

There is a different point of view – the high cost of a test budget. If you launch a highly cost test with a narrow targeting or geo with a low traffic volume, then the test will last for a long time, and the economic effect may be far from expected. Try it with a test budget similar to the daily cost of your regular CPM campaigns.

Test budget vs Deposit. If you are a newcomer in our platform, let’s find out such terms as “test budget” and “deposit”. The price of the test really starts at $10, you can try out a new feature for this ridiculous price. The initial deposit minimum amount is $100, therefore, in order to start launching campaigns, you need to top up your account.


Don’t forget to check your balance before starting a test campaign. If you have launched five campaigns with a $ 25 test budget each, and you have only $ 100 on the balance, none of them will come out of the test in the production.


More tests! Scale it when you’re getting a good outcome! Copy-paste the campaign and launch a new test. To improve the results, use simple rules and earn more:

  • Launch a new test with a blacklist. Block sources from which you didn’t receive a conversion in the previous test.
  • Start a new test with a whitelist, use only those zones that showed great results in the previous test.
  • Narrow your targeting, cut off all unnecessary features!
  • Don’t wait until the test will end, if it is is going fine. The probability that a new test will affect the current is extremely small.

Additionally, we need to point out that the model works wonders, but do not forget about third-party factors such as the creatives or geo.

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Author: Dan

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