Hello, Publisher!

You are here to get the best solution for your blog or website monetization. The experts of the ad network Clickadu have a vast experience in turning desktop and mobile traffic into a stable profit. We pay webmasters (publishers) for impressions of on-click ads, pop-ups or popunders, on a CPM basis (cost per mille or thousand) at rates which are higher than other ad networks may offer. While most ad networks provide 30-50% fill rate Clickadu has 100% fill rate which means that all your traffic is monetized.


The Highest CPMs

In general, CPM rates depend on GEO, platform, and traffic quality. On some geo-targeting Clickadu CPMs for 3G traffic, for example, start at $3, and could reach up to $14 and more what is 20% higher in comparison to other networks.

Website owners with premium quality traffic can also get exclusive CPM rates. Here again, the higher quality your traffic has the more you get paid. We do not pay for bot and fraud traffic. In turn, we guarantee 100% clean no-virus ads.

Ad format

Clickadu Ad Network has been for years specialized in on-click ad formats (pop-ups & popunders) for the following reasons:

  • Popunders may give a 30% boost in profit
  • Popunders can be run on any kind of website
  • Popunders do not eat the website space
  • In some cases pops might be the main source of income if the site does not qualify for Google Adsense.

Why choose Clickadu?

Each of 8K publishers may enjoy:

  • 100% fill rate of all traffic and clean ads
  • On-time automated payouts starting from $10 (net15, net30)
  • Personal managers
  • Advanced codes: Anti-AdBlock 2.0 and Smart JS Tag
  • Real-time stats
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Unique referral program 10-7-5%.


How to start?

Making money with Clickadu is very easy It will take you less than a ay to get your website approved and start making money.

  1. Sign up as a publisher
  2. Add your website and get it approved
  3. Install a JavaScript code provided by a manager
  4. Start earning!

Please download the media-kit for the detailed info about Clickadu. If you need help with launching your campaign please use the online chat or visit the FAQ.

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