What is a SKIM ad format?

SKIM is a link that a publisher inserts on the specific website element (text, image/icon, link or video), and after clicking on it, an advertisement appears to the user.

How does it work?

A user comes on a publisher’s web site. Clicks on an element that includes a link to the advertising page. Advertising page opens in a new tab.


What does it look like?

Advantages of SKIM:

Skim format can be used anywhere and the number of links that can be used on one page is unlimited

  • Higher CR to advertisers and CPM rates to publishers
  • 100% control of your sold traffic amount
  • Traffic and advertisement niche selection
  • Available on pricing models: CPM, SmartCPM
  • Google-friendly advertising format

How to start


A code is ready for use in the publishers’ dashboard


Video campaign creation is already available for you in the Self – Serve platform