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You are here to get the best lead generation solution. Clickadu, the fastest growing online advertising network, has been for years specialized in performance marketing. We sell desktop and mobile traffic to brands and agencies worldwide from direct publishers on CPM, CPA, CPL modes. Start buying targeted traffic that converts


Reach your audience

You know how it is important to target the right audience in order to get more conversions and optimize your advertising costs. The cutting edge advertising technologies by Clickadu make the targeting as accurate as...well, impossible:

Operating system
Operating system version
Device types
Connection type
Mobile carrier
Browser language
Individual zones
Time schedule
Black and white lists

What about rates?

CPM rates depend on geo, platform and many other targeting options. In order to check CPM rates for specific targeting please sign up with the self-serve platform and make a free draft of your campaign. Our traffic estimator will show you the traffic available in correlation with CPM rates for the targeting chosen.

Ad format

Clickadu Ad Network is specialized in on-click ad formats (pop-ups & popunders) for the following reasons:

  • High conversion ratio
  • Outstanding exposure
  • No blindness effect
  • Reasonable rates

Why choose Clickadu?

Our 5K advertisers may enjoy:

  • Over 180 million impressions from 240+ GEOs
  • Advanced targeting and real-time stats
  • Popular price models: CPM, CPA, CPL
  • Self-Serve Platform with CPM and SmartCPA or dedicated managers
  • Unique IT bot and fraud filtering tools
  • API integration for remote campaign management
  • Real-Time Bidding for networks and big advertisers
  • Smartlink for media buyers



Making money with Clickadu is very easy for advertisers. It will take you a few minutes to launch a campaign, however it depends on the payment method you have chosen.

  1. Sign up as an advertiser
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Set up the right targeting
  4. Add funds by any convenient method
  5. Get conversions!

Please download the media-kit for the detailed info about Clickadu. If you need help with launching your campaign please use the online chat or visit the FAQ.

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