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Dear partners,

Do you want to count the take on you affiliate marketing, but instead have to spend a lot of time on audience segmentation and tests?
Clickadu team prepared ready-made solution for you – a SmartLink technology that can help you make traffic monetization process even easier.

What does “SmartLink” stand for?

SmartLink is a tool that automatically suggests the best offer for every single user.
When a potential customer clicks on the link, the algorithm instantly identifies user data (GEO, device type, OC, verticals etc) and offers him the most optimal product or service.

One link can create an individually selected offer for different people.

Why SmartLink will make your driving traffic process easier?

  • You’ll no longer need to get\create lots of URLs. Now you will receive one multipurpose link.
  • No more budget loss on audience testing. This function will be taken over with SmartLink.
  • This technology will save you lots of time which you can spend usefully.

What SmartLink do we offer?

Clickadu team has tested 4 TOP verticals and combined them into 4 different SmartLinks.

  • Webcam
  • Gambling
  • VPN
  • Tools & APK Installs

What are the gain and conditions?

Payouts are on a weekly basis (starts at $10) and here are the terms for each vertical.

Webcam Smartlink rates:

Webcam SmartLink conditions:

Gambling SmartLink rates:

Gambling SmartLink conditions:

Conversion rate (DOI to FTD): 3-30%

VPN SmartLink rates:

VPN SmartLink conditions:

Tools & APK Installs rates:


Tools & APK Installs conditions:

Ready to start with SmartLink and earn more with Clickadu? Contact our specialists.

Author: Dan

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