Exclusive offer from clickBakers! Discover the tool that will skyrocket your conversions

Do you need an easy-to-use tool to manage targeting of your web and mobile traffic?

Look no further, clickBakers has you covered. A simpler and smarter solution designed for easy and effective post-click optimization for all types of traffic to help you maximize your online profits.

clickBakers is your ideal partner for everything you need in order to efficiently manage your traffic. You can easily identify all parameters of incoming traffic including geographic data, connection, device type, operating system, etc. We offer precise mobile tracking, accurate carrier targeting, intelligent post-click optimization and advanced mobile traffic segmentation.

This smart traffic management platform is available to a wide audience: everyone from small affiliates through media buyers up to affiliate networks. You can choose a package and features that will help you monetize your traffic in the most efficient and profitable way. We offer a free package for the beginners and more advanced premium packages for the professionals.

If you want to know more, you can watch tutorials and read growth tips on our blog.

Special offer for Clickadu, only valid until 1st of June 2017!

Sign up today, try our mobile web tracker and optimize your mobile campaigns. Now you have a great chance to get a free trial for 2 months – use the promo code IDO when signing up at www.clickBakers.com.

Author: Ksenia

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