Smart JS Tag

A smart JS tag is a tag which contains an undefined number of offers. In other words, it is a dynamic feed. If you work on a RevShare basis you are surely interested in your profit growth, and the smart JS tag gives you this opportunity. The visitors of your website see the ads of those advertisers who pay more for your placement.

Actually, if you work on a fixed CPM basis it is also a deal! Why? Because we provide our smartlink advertisers with the traffic they want, and for this purpose we drive traffic directly to the most expensive offers of the smartlink. As we get more revenue here, we increase your CPM. As simple as that!

Another great thing about the smart JS tag is that you don’t have to pay for an ad server or traffic direction system (TDS). For instance, DoubleClick by Google allows you to work on a free basis only until you reach more than 90 million impressions per month (30 million per day). For some of you it may seem really huge. Anyway you should think strategically and imagine how this will matter when your website gets more and more traffic. Clickadu does not charge you at all for its service. Never, and no matter how many impressions your website delivers. All you have to do is install our JS tag with a smartlink, and it will automatically decide which ads to show to your audience.

Do you want to earn more with our Smart JS Tag?

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Author: Serg

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