Introducing New Skins for the InPage Push Format

Explore Vignette and Social Box

InPage Push Ads, offered by Clickadu Ad Network, is a dynamic and innovative advertising format that has gained significant traction in the online marketing world. These ads have become increasingly popular due to their non-intrusive nature and ability to effectively engage users without interrupting their browsing experience.

Today, we are excited to unveil our brand-new InPage Push ad format skins. The Clickadu team has been hard working over the past few months, and they’re finally here! Introducing three new skins – Vignette, Social Box and Red Button. Moreover, you now have the option to select and personalize these skins to better align with your requirements! 🚀

What is an InPage Push Skin? 

Skins for the InPage format are some kind of templates or themes that are applied to the ad format. Before we introduced these new skins, there were default ones already in place. These default skins were chosen based on the type of offer being promoted.. 

Also, publishers did not have the capability to customize settings themselves. However, now they have the ability to tailor the appearance of the ads according to their preferences.

Why Are New InPage Skins Beneficial? 

We conducted a series of studies and concluded that utilizing skins can enhance the performance of InPage Push ads. At the moment, we provide publishers with a choice of four options to select from,  including default one. Notably, the Vignette currently serves as the default skin, being the most effective and the one we highly recommend utilizing as a priority. 

Vignette skins are compact yet impactful banners. By default, Vignette banners appear at the top on mobile devices and in the top right corner on desktops. Managers have the option to change their positions. These banners seamlessly blend in with the website’s content, resembling native banners. Featuring concise headers, descriptions, and prominent Call to Action buttons, Vignette banners effectively capture users’ attention and drive engagement. 

Vignette Skin example

Social Box brings a new approach to ad engagement by transforming the advertising landscape. Ad creatives mimic native notifications, widgets, icons, and chats, ensuring they remain unblocked by browsers, thus maximizing visibility and engagement. 

Social Box Skin example

The Red Button format presents a distinctive appearance while sharing similarities with other skins. Unlike its counterparts, the Red Button stands out with its unique visual presentation, drawing immediate attention from users.

Red Button example

Decoding Success: Statistical Insights into New InPage Push Skins

The introduction of new InPage Push skins has markedly enhanced both conversion rates and user engagement. Our testing revealed that the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for the Vignette Skin can increase by as much as 540% compared to the Default skin. Additionally, we observed a substantial increase in effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (eCPM), with a rise of up to 180%. Check the statistics yourself. Here we’re comparing Vignette and Default skin on the same zone:

Inpage Skins Zone results comparison

Publisher SSP: How To Set Up InPage Skins

To enable InPage skins, please follow the instructions below. The process is quite simple, and you can activate new skins all by yourself. However, please note that in existing zones, you cannot change skins. You’ll need to create new zones for this purpose. If you need extra help from your manager, don’t hesitate to contact them or drop us a line at

How to set up new skins in SSP

Our new skins are fully Google-friendly, adhering to all their guidelines and policies. You can be rest assured that using these skins won’t jeopardize your site’s ranking or risk being banned. We highly recommend utilizing the Vignette Banner format, as it ensures high effectiveness while maintaining search engine friendliness. This balance is crucial for the long-term success of your website and business.

Unlock Potential: New Skins Boost InPage Push Ads

This update marks a notable stride in our offerings, empowering publishers with the ability to customize their InPage Push ads directly on their websites. This newfound control over the appearance and functionality of ads presents an exciting opportunity for publishers to optimize their revenue streams. Let’s seize this chance to enhance user engagement and drive additional income. Stay tuned for more exciting developments ahead.


Author: Anastasiya

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