Meet the new handheld campaign creation form

Dear partners,


Time is a valuable resource these days and everything we do, we prefer it to be less time-consumable.

On that occasion, we tried to make the campaign creation process more groovy and introduce a new campaign creation form!

What’s all the fuss about?

  1. The new campaign creation form consists of 4 basic steps: General, Pricings, Targetings, and Zones & Additional and allows you not to get distracted from the particular options. Now, let’s zoom in the ad form.
  2. Choose the ad ‘feed’ to control the websites your campaign will be published. Now you’re able to go with ‘All’ to show ads both on adult and mainstream websites.
  3. Use the ‘vertical’ selection to initialize your offer vertical and get more relevant traffic for your advertising campaign.
  4. Now the campaign creation form is complemented by Campaign Summary which displays the basic campaign laid it all out and makes it possible to launch your campaign in every moment.
  5. No more massive setup form. Setting up the campaigns on the mobile devices now is a lot easier with a handheld mobile layout.

Get used to creating ads with the old form? Use the old/new switch to make it back.


Eager to try the new form? It’s already available for you in the Self-Serve Platform.



P.S.: Use the special feedback form to leave your suggestions.

Author: Dan

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