Let’s make a deal at Internext

Longing for some live events? We know that feeling, bro. Until then, the InterNext fired out of all guns.

200 experts, about 130 exhibitors, and guess what? We will be there too.

Come and meet the Clickadu team at the Clickadu booth as we have prepared some headbang offers for you.


Who can you run into?

BD and Cooperation Team Lead
M: george@clickadu.com
S: live:johnnymin8989
T: @George_Click


Business Development Manager
M: k.sergio@clickadu.com
S: k.sergio_2
T: @Sergius_Click


Tatiana Rhodie
Publisher Partnership Manager
M: tanya@clickadu.com
S: live:.cid.868c0241ccdca9f6
T: @TanyaRK


Alina Bailey
Media Buyer
M: b.alina@clickadu.com
S: live:.cid.aef5551b746138ff


Serg R
Head of Media Buyers
M: serg.r@clickadu.com
S: serg.clickadu
T: @sergclicker


Can’t wait to meet us at the upcoming conferences? Join our telegram group to be the first to know about the affiliate marketing world.


Author: Dan

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