InPage Push: Additional Monetization

Clickadu is back here and we can’t wait to share the news with you!

In order to expand monetization opportunities, we have decided to come up with a ready-made solution.
So, we’re glad to announce thе new ad inventory: InPage Push.

What is InPage Push?

On the surface, the InPage Push is more like Push Notifications. It’s a native-looking ad message that appears on the user’s screen. The major difference between these formats lies in the additional InPage characteristics:

  • InPage Push is a message that appears right when the user is browsing a website
  • InPage Push doesn’t require a user to subscribe notifications
  • Works on every OS type, including iOS



Why choose InPage Push?

There are a plenty of reasons to use or mix InPage Push with other ad formats (especially Push Notifications)

  • Pure JS tag, it’s easy to install.
  • Additional traffic monetization, compatible with other advertising formats.
  • Google-friendly advertising format, with no rank adjustments.
  • And again… It’s native and adapts to the user OS version.


How to start

The code is already available to you in the Publishers’ Dashboard

Author: Serg

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