Earn on Sports Betting offers with EURO2020

Let’s the peak of the 2021 sports season begin! And although COVID-19 locked us at homes, forced us to forget about our public life, the pandemic couldn’t make us stop enjoying sports events and bet on them.

Millions of sports lovers (both sports players and fans) will snuggle up to the screen to watch matches and root for their favorite team. This means that the demand for sports betting as well as sports-related products will rise significantly. And for the affiliates, this rise is a great opportunity to maximize earnings.

Our team suggests you keep abreast of the match schedule and use Clickadu traffic on demanded GEOs to get right in the moment (= hype). Read the article to the end as we have very useful tips for you there!


How can an affiliate earn on sports betting offers?

Well, the main recipe is very much simple:

  • Register or sign on our platform
  • Take a look at volumes and average CPM for countries participating in the championship

  • Launch your sports betting campaigns with it
  • Maximize your earnings

And of course, we couldn’t leave you without some ‘starter’ tips. So read carefully:


How to start in betting as one of the highest-competition niches?

First of all, you need to connect your offer with a traffic source. You can find betting offers either in the direct affiliate program of a betting brand itself (like parimatch, pin-up bet, betwinner, etc) or in a CPA network, focused on iGaming offers. Which one to choose – completely up to you. You can skip this if you’re a brand owner – it will be way easier for you to analyze quality and move around the funnel.

The second step would be to find suitable traffic for your offer. Choose geo, ad format, and settings. Keep in mind the competition of dozens of affiliates, media buyers, and brand owners fighting for the same users within the ad feed.


Ad strategy

In order to be successful over other competitors, you need to have a clear strategy, creative assets, and timings. Approach examples – if you have limited budgets – focus on one ad format, narrow targetings, and several heavy-hitting creative set-ups;

Got big bucks in your pocket? – strike hard with all-format load up (use all the possible spots\ad formats\targeted geos); Wanna move slowly? – start with Push Notifications, Inpage Push or Banners for a faster engagement and in order to understand user’s interests.

Once you’ve felt the audience, you can start to scale – multiple creatives tests, different ad formats, and geos. Don’t forget that competition over traffic will grow significantly, therefore – you need to be ready to outbid others or bring better (more clickable) creatives.


Creative approach

EURO2020 must be the key part of your creative assets. Use brand ambassadors, predictions, CTA keys, and all your well-known slogans in order to bring more attention to your banner or push. But you know what – this will be exactly the same things others will do as well. So here, you can either win by your creativity (unique approach) or by outbidding competitors.


Our benefits for you

EURO2020 is the biggest sports event of the year, which we all were waiting for since coronavirus struck. And we prepared small gifts for our advertisers – branded Inpage Push skins! Contact your manager or a support team in order to set those for your campaign – don’t miss your chance to get your $$ cut!

Here’s the examples of the skins:





Want to get more insights and assistance? Contact our business development

manager George:


Telegram @George_Click

Or join our Self-Serve Platform right away to promote your sports betting offers.


Author: George

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