Digital advertising vs Pandemia: The ultimate survivor guide

Unless you’ve been in a bunker recently, you know that the world is at tense now. Every other day business owners and marketers are asking what now and what’s next.

Everybody is aware of the shortage of ppe masks, buckwheat, and T.P. But what has changed in the digital market according to the situation? And how to survive these changes?

Clickadu team have investigated the issue and came up with some survival tips:

Traffic Market

According to the SimilarWeb stats Travel segment is going through a really tough time. by the COVID situation due to overall travel limitations and general fear.

The opposite picture is in news & government resources, these websites are in a group of high interest. The same dynamic is for food delivery and entertainment websites:

Has it made some things relatively clear? At glance, there is a chance for affiliate marketers to score big. However, that’s the situation above ground, so let’s dig deeper.
The full picture with a weekly dynamic can be found in here:

Clickadu team survival tip #1:

The only recommendation here that we could suggest is that the market requires continuous monitoring. Due to the ever-changing situation, these numbers remain unstable, yet you can make the most of growing market share.

Verticals Rollercoaster

Let’s not speculate on the general info and cut it to the chase. How are things in Clickadu? It took some time to gather some expertise and form the vision that might be useful. As almost everywhere, traditional offers are going weak and being replaced by the more relevant at this very moment. Just recently we were proud of our Dating vertical, now it had dropped 12% of actuality. Seems affairs are not that attractive if it doesn’t go any further.

Betting vertical goes through uncertain times too. The cancellation and postposition of sports activities due to restriction on public events has deprived the vertical around 47%. As for these verticals, we’d recommended you set them aside for the time being.

Let’s better talk about positive trends.
At a glance, distant entertainment and communication are on a roll now. We observed a growth of gambling and online gaming segment and it was relatively expected. Also, it’s a big break for food delivery apps and online shopping. Got some food delivery offer in the basement? It’s about time to get it running.
Home detention makes people use their cell phones frequently, so every power optimization or device cleaning app is booming the market.
This pool of verticals is expected to be the most relevant these days.
Has something changed in the TOP-vertical creatives? No. Just stick to the standard ad patterns.

Clickadu Team Survival tip #2:

According to the reports, the situation is still running high so the vertical growth\slowdown tendency will remain. Focus on the leading verticals while the tendency is still on, and try to pull the most of it. Thankfully, we could provide you with more expertise and traffic for this so here’s another tip: a personal manager is your best buddy in this situation. Who knows the wires better? We won’t leave you behind.
And the last… Think of your conscience, don’t try to profit from user deception.

Geolocation: Safer place

In expectation of massive traffic growth, we have prepared for the DC system lockdowns and even wired some new distribution partners with their ‘smart hands’ service. Traffic burst didn’t take long: India, VietNam, France, Italy, and Spain have rapidly increased.
Are there any trend changes in GEOlocation performance? We haven’t noticed any sweeping changes regarding the traffic performance Why? Financial fragility makes people save money and look for cheap or free content.

Clickadu team survival tip #3:

Run morelasting tests if you’re trying something new to acquire the ready-made bundles. Because of the distinctive audience economy, the offers with a shareware content will be the best bet.

The bottom line.

No doubt the situation has shaken the world of digital marketing. But why do not try to find a little light in the situation?
At least the most traditional Clickadu verticals are still on the roll and seem to keep it that way. Any additional tips for you? Of course, there are plenty of last words.

Clickadu team survival tip #4:

Share your thoughts with us and your like-minded buddies.
Keep in contact.
Use the promo-code ‘STAYSAFE’ to get $20 extra on your next $100+ deposit or 10% if the deposit is above $300.

And of course, stay safe, stay at home.

We keep an eye out for signs of remarkable changes.

Author: Dan

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