More unique impressions with IP capping

We like to think of ourselves as creators

All this business is not only about making money, you know. It is about creating something new and innovative to move the whole industry forward as well as your advertising opportunities.

Please meet another really helpful targeting for your campaigns — IP Capping. It is a limitation on the number of times your ads are displayed to the same person with the same IP-address on a publisher’s website. When a website visitor sees the ad for the first time, the ad server receives the info about the individual IP. If you set IP Capping to be 3:24, it means one visitor will see your ad only 3 times per day.

You may have already worked with our Frequency Capping which deals with cookies. As you know, visitors may regularly clean them. So, we decided to add IP Capping which you may use both at the self-serve and managed platforms. We recommend setting both Frequency and IP Capping for your campaigns in order to optimize your budget and get more unique leads.

Author: Dan

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