Knock AdBlock down with the next-gen Anti-AdBlock 2.0!

Ain’t it fantastic, guys? Our crew has been struggling with AdBlock for quite a long time, trying to develop a new code able to cope with adblocking not only at the domain level by changing it but other banning levels. Finally, we did it! Please meet the next-gen Anti-AdBlock 2.0 which allows three methods of ads opening. If one method doesn’t work for some reason, the other two will do.

No need to get into the nuts and bolts with the new anti-adblocking system. The only thing you should know is that we have already tested Anti-AdBlock 2.0 on plenty of websites and seen no problems with adblocking at all. Moreover, the new solution has a better algorithm of ads targeting and personalisation. It means, in addition to total protection from traffic and money loss, you get more opportunities to boost profits.

Use it right now!

Follow the link to add your website or launch your campaign at

Any questions left? Ask!

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Author: Serg

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