Top AI Content Detectors: Safeguard Your Content Quality

With technology advancing rapidly, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are making their way into every industry. In fact, research shows that 52% of businesses incorporate AI in their content marketing strategy! 

Conversely, many businesses consider generative AI software unethical, vulnerable, and a threat to academic excellence. AI content detector tools are designed to identify text written by artificial intelligence, offering readers peace of mind.  

Below, we’ll dive into the intricate mechanism behind AI content detectors and their importance. Further in the article, we’ll explore the top four detector software:

Google and AI-Generated Content

The Google search engine empowers leaders to practice the fair use of generative AI tools. According to its EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) policy, Google does not flag AI-generated content unless it’s against its rules.

The search engine utilizes the EEAT policy to rank web pages based on whether the author has expertise in the relevant field. Since AI tools cannot claim experience, Google recommends publishers keep an eye on the quality and authenticity of their content.

In addition, Google states that its focus is on rewarding well-written, high-quality, and informative blogs, regardless of the author. The search engine’s new policy also encourages publishers to think about the ‘who,’ ‘how,’ and ‘why’ of their content. 

However, Google will ensure the ethicality of using AI tools by flagging pages that use automation to manipulate search engine results. The brand’s SpamBrain system is evolving to combat these harmful practices head-on!

How AI Content Detectors Work?

Before we delve into the best AI content detectors, let’s talk about the basics. These innovative tools use machine language to assess and detect patterns in AI-generated content. The software relies on large datasets that empower them to pinpoint specific characteristics, such as perplexity, repetitiveness, and lack of semantic meaning.

However, it’s integral to remember that no AI content detector is 100% accurate. An in-depth study by SurferSEO showcases instances of false negatives and positives, indicating that the technology is in its nascent stages.

Why Should You Use AI Content Detector Tools?

Although AI content detectors have yet to reach their full potential, they still offer numerous benefits. It includes: 

  • Fostering brand trust by distinguishing AI-generated content from specific authors
  • Helping you establish brand authority by ensuring originality and uniqueness
  • Avoiding reputational risks by mitigating misinformation and maintaining credibility
  • Streamlining your content moderation process to maintain your website’s integrity
  • Allowing you to access new possibilities for content creation and embrace innovations in the content-writing sphere  

Best Tools For Detecting AI-Generated Content

Let’s now look at the top three AI detector software:

Content at Scale 

Content at Scale is an excellent AI detector ideal for content marketers. The state-of-the-art tool offers users in-depth reports, providing reasoning behind highlighted content. 

In addition, the tool’s ‘Human Content Score’ feature empowers you with insightful analysis of your content. The software can detect AI content written by ChatGPT, GPT-4, and GPT-3 based on the text’s predictability, pattern, and probability.

But wait, there’s more! Content at Score lets you evaluate long-form content up to 2000 words. Besides this, you can leverage the tool to review academic, marketing, or educational content.


  • Highlights AI-written content 
  • Offers multilingual support
  • Provides content optimization services


  • Sometimes, it provides false negatives


Digital marketers and professors can use Content at Scale for free!

Writer AI Content Detector

Writer is an all-in-one writing assistant, offering access to a generative AI tool, plagiarism checker, and AI detector tool. The software aids users in creating unique content and enhancing their writing skills. 

Moreover, Writer offers numerous third-party integrations, including Chrome, Figma, and Contentful, to improve the quality of your content. While the platform does not highlight AI-written texts, it provides the content score as a percentage. Furthermore, can review up to 1,500 characters for free!


  • Allows scanning via website URL
  • Offers third-party integration 
  • Around-the-clock support


  • Limited to 1500 characters per analysis 


Writer’s AI detector is free; however, writers seeking additional features can upgrade to a team or enterprise plan.


Winston is a fantastic AI detector tool for writers, marketers, and web publishers. The platform evaluates the difference between human and AI-written text with 99% accuracy. 

In addition, Winston AI allows content creators to detect excerpts generated with AI tools, such as Bard, ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Large Language Models (LLM). The software’s OCR technology lets you scan image files! Besides this, the easy-to-use tool offers in-depth AI detection reports that you can save.     


  • Reveals your human, readability, and plagiarism scores
  • Supports documents and images
  • Offers multilingual support


  • Requires sign-up 


Winston offers users a free plan and two paid plans.


GPTZero is another robust AI detector aimed at educators. The innovative tool allows professors to detect AI-written assignments based on perplexity and burstiness. The term ‘perplexity’ indicates the complexity of an excerpt, whereas ‘burstiness’ evaluates predictable, uniform sentence length. 

What’s more, GPTZero lets you assess 5,000 characters by copy-pasting or uploading a document. In addition, the software can detect text written by numerous AI tools, including ChatGPT, LLaMA, and Bard. It can also identify mixed compositions. 


  • Highlights AI-written content
  • Offers affordable plans 


  • The score presentation is confusing


You can use GPTZero for free; however, you can upgrade to its paid plans to improve workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Google detect AI-generated content?

Ans. Google can detect AI-written text; however, if publishers use AI tools effectively, the search engine will not flag your content.

Q2. Should I use an AI content detector?

Ans. The accuracy of AI content detectors can vary; however, they’re effective at identifying patterns within text. Here’s why you should use them:

  • Improves the quality of your content
  • Boosts your workplace productivity and efficiency 
  • Protects your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness
  • Offers you a competitive advantage and cost savings
  • Streamlines content moderation and mitigates the risk of plagiarism 

Q3. What is the best AI content detector?

Ans. Content at Scale, GPTZero, and Winston AI are among the best AI content detector tools.

Q4. Does Google punish AI content?

Ans. No, Google does not flag AI-written content; however, it will penalize websites for the unfair use of generative AI content.

Author: Ulyana

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