Let’s make it double: Clickadu and PeerClick anti-fraud system!

Dear partners,

Did you know that Clickadu has in-house fraud protection system? Our system, as well as our analytics team, are using more than 40 algorithms to prevent you from getting bot traffic.

Still, want to improve this flow? Our tracking partner PeerClickoffers you a new Anti-Fraud kit.

It is the freshest PeerClick feature which enables you to identify invalid traffic in your campaigns. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system analyzes in real time millions of ad clicks, 24 hours a day. All the results of the analysis are delivered in comprehensive reports in order you to detect which publishers are selling suspicious visits and clicks and stop buying from them.

 Aline M, Business Development Manager


Drive Clickadu quality traffic to your offers via PeerClick tracking partner to make sure you’re getting extra clean visitors. To make it more convincing: use bonus code ‘Clickadu’ to get $50 extra for PeerClick account. Click here to get started:

Author: Ksenia

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