Track your campaigns anywhere with adaptive design

December 09, 2020

We go to a meeting, sit at our favorite restaurant, hike or travel, and what do you take with you wherever you go? Of course our mobile devices!

And statistics only prove this point. Around 50% of our advertisers use their mobile or tablet to check their campaigns or even create new ones. So it was our duty to make your experience of our mobile version of SSP platform convenient and 'handy'.

Not so long ago we released our adaptive SSP-platform design for publishers, and now it's time to present the same feature for advertisers.

Don't need to carry around your laptop or think about a place where you can sit and work with Clickadu. Now you can enjoy all the features of our platform on your mobile device. And we mean all of it from launching, editing and stopping campaigns to tracking statistics and optimizing bids.

Here's our 'befores' and 'afters' the development of adaptive mobile platform design

Looks very user-friendly now, doesn't it?

Our specialist has worked hard to ensure that this adaptive design for SSP platform supports any mobile browsers and devices. And it is already available for you to experience.

Clickadu Team