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Advertising is constantly evolving and becoming more complicated. Publishers have to look for services that will help them monetize their websites. Publishers often rely on organic traffic if their site is performed qualitatively. However, organic traffic may not always be enough to increase the CTR. That’s when the publishers intend to pay for the incoming traffic – this is digital arbitration.

Before the user deals with arbitration, it is important to familiarize yourself with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a service platform that allows you to place ads automatically. The owners of the sites that advertise receive revenue for clicks and impressions. Thus, the publisher receives a part of the money from the advertiser. Google gets 32%, and site owners get 68%.

However, Google AdSense only allows users whose sites have sufficient traffic to register. Then AdSense arbitrage will be the ideal helper for low-traffic website owners. To be successful in advertising, your site must be high quality with a lot of organic traffic. If you don’t have one, then arbitrage will save you.

What is AdSense arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage — is the purchase of traffic through the supplier’s website. Thus, publishers will receive revenue through the Google AdSense program. The revenue from the AdSense arbitrage should exceed the initial investment in traffic.

Thus, the publisher spends a certain amount on the purchase of traffic on its website, and advertises on the site. Then users click and move on to these ads, and the publisher earns his money through the AdSense arbitrage.

CPC and RPMs are the two main metrics that are important to keep track of when dealing with arbitration traffic. If the cost per click is clear, then the last metric should be paid no less attention. The RPMs will give you more accurate information about how much your site actually earns. Once you have considered and compared the metrics, you will understand how to earn more and how much to invest your money.

Roughly speaking, you just pay for the traffic transferred to your site, and users just click on ads.

How does AdSense arbitrage work?

Arbitration traffic works much faster and requires less effort than transfusing organic traffic. The main goal is to make more money.

For your arbitrage to succeed, it is important to comply with the following three points:

  1. Website owners must invest a certain amount to buy traffic on their website
  2. Publishers advertise on the same site by inserting a header code
  3. Publishers want to turn traffic into paid clicks. To do this, they “force” users to click on these advertisements to monetize the AdSense

It is recommended to post from 3 to 5 ads on the website. However, the number depends on the size of the advertisement. In case of inconsistencies, the service AdSense will display empty spaces.

However, without good SEO and organic traffic, your site will not be considered valuable and quality for a long time span. You can use Facebook to get AdSense traffic. Facebook is one of the best examples of getting quality traffic. It is important to note that a large amount of Facebook traffic comes through mobile devices, so it is necessary to target advertising on this criterion. Moreover, your site should be optimized for viewing and use on mobile devices. Facebook ads can help generate traffic with a decent CPC.

Is it legal?

After purchasing and paying for traffic for your website, it should become a helper in increasing ad impressions and CTR. To make a good profit on this, it is essential that your expenses do not exceed the revenues. That is, the cost of buying traffic should not be higher than the payment for advertising.

You may encounter problems if your visitors are purchased from unreliable and unverified sources. To do this, Google especially warns its users to be careful with third-party sites and traffic services.

So you are legitimately using Google services, but the whole responsibility for the quality of traffic is on you. That’s why you are the only one getting in trouble.

Best practices to earn with ad arbitrage

Naturally, there are a number of recommendations for the use of AdSense arbitrage. We offer you a list of the best practices that will help you earn by arbitration:

  1. Using quality content
    If the content on your site is of poor quality or plagiarism, Adsense will not even approve your application. Also, each article on your must be of sufficient length – about 500 characters. There must be at least 30 such materials on your site to ensure that AdSense does not suspend work with your site.
    In no case should you plagiarize images? It is best to take them from free drain services or create them yourself.
    After clicking on advertising, the user definitely should automatically go to the page containing the advertising product or service.
  2. Availability of a high-quality landing page
    The landing page should also be quality, with a clear interface.
  3. Adequate workload with AdSense
    It is believed that from 3 to 5 ads on the website is the most optimal and sufficient number. The percentage of advertising and content on a publisher’s website should be proportional. Otherwise, Google will show users spaces instead of ads. Therefore there will be no clicks and the revenue.
  4. Controlling the sources of incoming traffic
    An important activity is the control of incoming traffic. Do not attract traffic from artificially created or suspicious resources. When using this scheme of earning opportunity, your account will be simply blocked.

What to avoid

As we mentioned above, it is better to beware of services to attract traffic and third-party sites. These services often use click-bots that automatically reduce your website’s quality or traffic.

If the Google AdSense program notices suspicious activity and a large number of bot clicks, then the user account will be frozen and later can be blocked.

The service can also automatically identify sites created specifically for AdSense and receive traffic to your site. So, the user account will be frozen, and all clicks will be canceled. All this attracts a bad user experience that should be avoided.

Google wants your site to be high quality with unique content that will be really useful for the audience. In addition to good content, your site should look good visually and attract attention to yourself as a real serious business. Also, your website should have legal pages, such as privacy policy, terms of use, about us, contacts, etc. Another good step will be to add affiliate programs and the ability to register on the site.

As for content, it is important for Google to refrain from copying from other sites. Write texts yourself, and take pictures from free stock services or create yourself.

Final thoughts: Google AdSense arbitrage

Advertising arbitrage is a great way to make money by buying traffic and selling advertising. But at the same time, do not forget about getting organic traffic and SEO. Publishers need to purchase traffic at a cost lower than the revenue from AdSense for each click on advertising.

Google does not prohibit paid traffic on its sites, but it is important to know its origins. If you buy unreal traffic, it will be contrary to Google’s policy. In this case, your account may be frozen or blocked.

The main things are just regularly checking your content on anti-plagiarism, checking the quality of advertising and its display on your site, and constantly monitoring the incoming traffic to avoid collisions with shadow sites or click bots!

Be careful and start your work with ads arbitrage!

Author: Mary

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