Push Notifications advertising & Quality Guidelines.

To start Push Notification campaigns make sure it complies with the ad content and quality guidelines.

Ad content and Quality Guidelines.

  1. Image or content quality

    Landing page creatives must content must be easy to recognize.
    Typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc. are not allowed.

  2. Tech-support scary content is forbidden.

    Avoid the use of scare content in creatives, texts and landing pages about the viruses, threats, file damage etc. that can frighten users.

    Scary offers with the texts like “Your phone/browser is infected”, “Your phone is under risk”, “Your personal data will be deleted”, “Click here to remove malware” etc. are forbidden.

    It is acceptable to use information in creatives, texts and landing pages about possible viruses, potential threats, file damage etc.

    Scary offers with the texts like “A virus can/may damage”, “You may have viruses/problems/..”, “Scan completed”, “Click here to fix” are allowed.

    Content that offers to enhance your desktop or mobile device is permitted.

    Wrong: desert
    Correct: desert
  3. Famous person exploitation

    It’s not allowed the use of “fake news” with celebrities or politicians’ names for promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured.
    Also, It is prohibited to promote the product/diet on behalf of celebrities.

  4. Disgusting and frightful images are not allowed

  5. Content inciting illegal actions is prohibited

  6. Content including intimidation and exhorting to harm yourself or others is prohibited

  7. Oppression and advocacy against any individual or group is forbidden

  8. Any reference of pharmaceutical drugs is prohibited (mentioning of dietary supplements is allowed)

  9. Content including unflattering images of celebrities, texts relating to their death, sex and any gossips is not allowed. Selling products and services on behalf of celebrities is also prohibited


Push notifications content quality guidelines.

  • Title: 30 characters
  • Description: 40 characters
  • Icon: 192 x 192 px
  • Image (banner): 360×240 px; 720×480 px (for HD displays)
  • Available file types: JPG or PNG
  • No animations allowed