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Clickadu Team July 18, 2017
 Four nominations by Ynot Awards

What’s so cool about 'four'?

  1. 'Four' is the only number in English that is equal to the number of letters in its name.
  2. Of all the words listed as ‘swear words’ in the dictionary, exactly half are four-letter words.
  3. The ancient Greeks associated the number four with earthly balance, believing that everything was made of four elements: earth, air, fire and water.
  4. Clickadu was shortlisted for four nominations at the 7th annual Ynot Awards.

This year we’ve been rich in different nominations. That means we are constantly improving for you. Please vote for us in four nominations:

  • Company of the Year
  • Best Traffic Services Company (Europe)
  • Best Marketing Campaign
  • Best Adult Internet Brand

Clickadu Team